StepNote NM Series NM3500W & NM3900W FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Computer - Can Not Connect to Internet
Computer - Where do I find my Model Number?

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Computer - Reinstalling Microsoft® Windows®
Computer - Turning On
Computer - Why does my NM3900W have a label stating it's a NM3500W?
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Microsoft® Windows®
Microsoft Windows - Where do I find my Product Key?

Model Number - Why does my NM3900W have a label stating it's a NM3500W?


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Sound - DVD Sound Volume to low
Sound - No Sound
Sound - No Sound While Playing a DVD
System Recovery
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Windows® CD


Q1: The computer does not Turn On
A1: Please check you energy source and make sure it works.
A2: Make sure your electrical connection is good.



Q2: Where do I find my Model Number and Microsoft® Windows® Product Key?
A1: The Everex Model number is located on the bottom-side of your computer. A unique Microsoft® Windows® Product Key is also attached to your notebook as part of the Microsoft® certificate of authenticity.


Q3: No Sound
A1: Check to see that the speaker volume is turned up: Holding the "Fn" key down, tap the "F5" key simultaneously to increase the volume on your computer.


Q4: How long should my Battery last?
A1: Under normal conditions the 6-cell Li-Ion battery of the NM3900W should last 150 - 180 minutes.  To ensure maximum effeciency of your battery, be sure to fully discharge and recharge during use.

To replace a lost or stolen NM3900W battery or to purchase an additional 6-cell Li-Ion (150 - 180 minute battery life) visit the Everex online store.



Q5: How can I extend my Battery Life?
A1: Battery life will vary depending on how the notebookis used. To ensure a maximum battery life, check your computer power settings: With your notebook on, click "Start" followed by "Settings" and "Control Panel".  Double click the "Power Options" icon.  Click the "Power Schemes" folder tab. To maximim battery life choose "max battery" under the "Power Schemes" pull down menu. Additional options may also be enabled.
A2: Activities such as playing a CD/DVD or having your wireless access turned "on" will also discharge the battery at a faster rate.  



Q6: CDs and or DVDs won't play.
A1: Check to see if the disk was placed in the optical drive properly (label-side up) and that the drive door closes completely.
A2: Check if the disk surface is damaged, dirty or scratched.
A3: Windows should automatically detect a CD or DVD placed in the optical drive. To manually start the CD/DVD player software, use the mouse to click "windows media player" icon on the main screen. Audio tracks should be listed under the "Now Playing" tab.



Q7: How do I Clean my computer?
A1: When it is necessary to clean the plastic case and keyboard, use a soft, lint-free cloth, slightly dampened with a mild detergent solution.  Never use alcohol, petroleum-based solvents or harsh detergents to clean the notebook. Also, never spray liquide directly on the computer case, keyboard or screen.  Paper towels may scratch the display screen and are not recomended.


Q8: The Computer seems to be Running Slowly then normal.
A1: Too many programs may be open (running) at once.



Q9: What are the Wireless capabilities?.
A1  : The NM3900W has 802.11b/g wireless capabilities built-in.  To gain wireless access to the Internet, a seperate 802.11b or 802.11g wireless router* must be purchased and connected to your broadband modem*.

* Products sold seperately



Q10: What are the Ethernet capabilities?
A1  : 10M/100Mbps



Q11: How do I access the BIOS?
A1  : Boot (turn on) the computer while pressing the "F2" key



Q12: Does the computer have a Floppy Disk Drive?
A1  : No floppy disk is included with the system. To transfer files to and from the system, the optical drive (DVD-RW/CD-RW) or USB memory card reader may be used.



Q13: How much Memory can the system handle and what type of RAM should I
purchase if I wish to Increase
My Memory?
A1  : 2 GB Maximum
A2  : The memory in the NM3900W is PC2 4200, DDR II 533.  Only memory modules approved by Everex may be used to replace or upgrade the system memory. Visit the Everex online store to purchase additional memory.



Q14: Does the system come with a DVD Player?
A1  : Yes, the system comes with a combination DVD-RW / CD-RW optical drive capable of viewing and creating any standard DVD and CD.



Q15: How do I Reinstall Microsoft® Windows® ?
A1  : To restore Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition back to its original state you may use the Recovery DVD provided with your original system.

Download the System Recover procedure here.



Q16: What Software Programs come with the computer?
A1  : Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition, CyberLink Power DVD 6, Windows® Media Player, Windows® Wordpad, Norton Internet Security 2005 (trial version)



Q17: Does the system come with Microsoft® Office®?
A1  : No. Microsoft® Office® can be purchased seperately from an authorized Microsoft dealer.


Q18: Can the CPU be upgraded?
A1  : The NM3900W comes with an Intel® Celeron® M Processor 390 and can only be upgraded through Everex or an authorized Everex Service Center.


Q19: There is No Sound heard while playing a DVD.
A1  : To Listen and View some DVDs properly, additional software may be needed. Free CODEC software can be downloaded from 3rd party suppliers*:
(to install, right click with mouse, click "open", click "run", click "run" again, follow installation procedures)
or purchase a Windows® XP compatable DVD Decoder Plug-in*:

* Drivers and files provided by download sites are not affiliated with Everex Systems Inc. or the Everex brand. Everex Systems Inc., does not take responsibility for content and information contained within aforementioned websites. Use of 3rd party files is at the sole discretion of the end-user. Everex recommends backing up any relevant information before installation of new drivers, files and updates.


Q20: The computer Can Not Connect to the Internet.
A1  : Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) require changes to the factory Internet settings.

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click "Tools" in the top menu
3. Click "Internet Options"
4. Click "Connections" tab
5. Click "LAN Settings" button
6. Click (check) the "Automatically Detect Settings" box
7. Click (un-check) the "Use a Proxy Server for your LAN..." box
8. Click the "Okay" button
9. Click the "Okay" button again
10. Click the Refresh Page icon or close Internet Explorer and Open again

For a detailed view of this procedure click here.


Q21: The DVD Sound Volume seems to low.
A1  : Factory settings incorporate Dolby Digital sound during DVD playback. To modify these settings and increase the overall DVD sound volume configure the PowerDVD software:

1. Open PowerDVD by double-clicking the icon on the desktop
2. Click the "Configuration" button on the PowerDVD console (bottom right)
3. Click the "Audio" tab
4. Click the "Stereo" button under "2 Speaker Mode"
5. Click the "Advanced" button
6. Click the "Miscellaneous" tab
7. Click the "Noisy Environment" button
8. Click the "OK" button
9. Click the "OK" button again
10. Volume change should be immediate

For a detailed view of this procedure click here.

The DVD sound setting for Microsoft Media Player may also be configured to increase overall volume:
1. Open Microsoft Media Player by double-clicking the icon on the desktop
2. If the menu bar is not displayed, press and hold the "Ctrl" key on the StepNote keyboard while clicking the "M" key
3. From the menu bar click "Tools"
4. Click "Options"
5. Click the "DVD" tab
6. Click the "Advanced" button
7. Click the "Miscellaneous" tab

8. Click the "Noisy Environment" button
9. Click the "Apply" button
10. Click the "OK" button
11. Click the "OK" button again
12. Volume change should be immediate

For a detailed view of this procedure click here.


Q22: Why does my NM3900W have a label stating it's a NM3500W?
A1  : The Everex StepNote NM3900W models were inadvertently labeled with model NM3500W FCC labels.  This oversight, in no way, reflects the performance or technical specification of your NM3900W.  When referencing your notebook model, please refer to the serial number and serial number label, which contains the correct model name of your unit.

To locate your product serial number and model, click here.