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FIC Logo Usage Guideline  
  1. Guideline Introduction: The following guideline addresses the correct usage and treatment of the FIC logo as used in advertising, collateral, technical documents, and other printed or visual materials for any FIC related products and/or company communications.
  2. What does the FIC logo Represent: The FIC logo is comprised of 5 horizontally, and one vertically placed segments. The logo, which spells out FIC, has come to represent the entire FIC organization in the technology industry.
  3. How the logo be used: The FIC logo may only used in the connection with the promotion of FIC related products and company organization, and not for any external goods and services. Do not modify or recreate the FIC logo under any circumstances without the prior written consent of the FIC Global Marketing Team. Use of the corporate logo is provided by FIC.

When the FIC logo is used, you must include the following attribution:

FIC and the FIC logo are a registered trademark of First International Computer, Inc.

  1. Proportion and Orientation: The FIC logo is meant to be displayed in horizontal format. The logo should not be un-proportionally resized, rotated, or skewed. The 6 segments in the FIC logo combined together make up the single logo element. No part of this logo can be added to or subtracted from, or graphically modified with illustrations or graphics.
  2. Spacing: Always maintain space around the logo to set it apart from the other graphic elements or text on the page. The minimum space required is a space equal to the width of the ???in the logo.

Spacing around logo must be equal to width of the ???br> You may not combine the FIC logo with any other feature or description other then:
First International Computer, Inc. (Positioned directly below the logo)
No further graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features, or symbols can be added. You may not combine the FIC logo with any other trademark, including, but not limited to, the names of other companies, products, and/or services.

Logo Usage Guideline

1.6 Colors: The FIC logo can be produced only in the following colors. Absolutely no other colors will be allowed without the prior written consent of the Global Marketing Team. The logo can be produced in one of 4 standard possible color schemes, depending on the medium to be printed on, and the type of communication. These accepted colors and formats include:
  • Blue FIC logo: (PMS 301) Logo must be solid, without any variation in color consistency
  • Black FIC logo: Solid black for printing on white or transparent backgrounds, logo must be solid black without any variation in color consistency
  • White FIC logo: Solid white for printing on black or dark backgrounds, logo must be solid white without any variation in color consistency
  • Platinum/Silver FIC logo: (PMS877) Solid silver for printing on both light and dark backgrounds, logo must be solid without any variation in color consistency.
  • 3D effects: In some cases 3D effects can be employed with various lighting and color variations to make the FIC logo look raised in print and publications. This effect can be done on Blue and Silver logos but requires the prior approval of the Global Marketing Team.
Colors should always be solid (unless employing an approved 3D effect). Do not use gray, screens, special fills, or outline treatments.

2.1 Examples:The following are examples of approved logos that comply with the FIC logo usage guidelines
( Click the image to download )

Any deviation from the above guidelines requires the prior written approval of the Global Marketing Team and Marketing/Sales upper management. E-mail:mkt@fic.com.tw

All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.
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