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Cooperation with NTT DATA for advanced healthcare-related services
Date: 2012/8/1
FIC has signed a Letter of Intent on healthcare business with NTT DATA Corporation


Taipei, Taiwan, and Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan, August 1, 2012 - Dr. Ming J. Chien, the Chairman of FIC has signed a Letter of Intent on healthcare business with Toshio Iwamoto, the President and CEO of NTT DATA Corporation on August 1, 2012.  NTT DATA and FIC will jointly develop advanced healthcare-related services utilizing various technologies including wireless-health, mobile-health, and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) note 1 technologies.




In recent years, collection and utilization of information in the healthcare services sector including medical and nursing care services in developed countries has become increasingly important. As a result, new business opportunity in technology-oriented, advanced healthcare services using sensor devices and mobile terminals has emerged.


Home-based medical care and remote medical diagnosis services enable healthcare service providers to improve efficiency and treat patients outside hospitals. M2M technology directly links monitoring devices with IT systems and fully automates monitoring process without requiring human operation.


NTT DATA is actively expanding its overseas business and enhancing service delivery. NTT DATA acknowledges the healthcare business sector as a “growth engine” and is diversifying business in this sector. With regard to M2M technology, NTT DATA is planning to utilize its M2M total solution “Xrosscloud®” in the healthcare sector.

At the same time, FIC develops medical-related products for the healthcare sector. FIC also has strength in wireless technology, which can be utilized in M2M technology.


(1) Name of the corporation: NTT DATA Corporation

(2) Head office: Toyosu Center Building, 3-3, Toyosu 3-chome Koto-ku, Tokyo

(3)  Year of established: 1988

(4)  Capital: 142.52 billion JPY (calculated on March 31, 2013)

(5)  President and CEO: Toshio Iwamoto

(6)  Number of employees: 59,000 (Group)

(7)  Business Operation: Data Communication Businesses

NTT DATA will continue to actively develop and provide advanced healthcare services in developed countries that face the challenges of growing healthcare costs. In addition, NTT DATA will expand its healthcare business in the emerging market where similar challenges are expected.

More specifically, since business in advanced healthcare services such as mobile healthcare is flourishing in the U.S., NTT DATA will use its overseas offices and aggressively expand business in the US healthcare services market.



About FIC


With established technological strength in the motherboard market, FIC produces specialized, value-added devices and hardware components. FIC has good customer bases in the corporate PC and tablet markets in North America and Europe. FIC also has an extensive business portfolio including software development and SI business related to its hardware products. FIC and NTT DATA have established a joint venture company (First Data Systems, Inc.), which is operated in the financial business sector. In addition, FIC has business ties with the Formosa Plastics Group note 2.



Note 1: M2M

Abbreviation of Machine to Machine. Automated two-way communication service between remote devices and IT systems over wireless and wired networks.


Note 2: Formosa Plastics Group

One of the largest conglomerates in Taiwan with its petrochemical company as the core business. Chang Gung Medical Foundation owns Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung Health and Culture Village (nursing care facility), Chang Gung University (medical and nursing school), and Chang Gung Medical Technology (manufacturer of medical equipment). Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has about 12,000 beds in total within the group hospitals and is one of the largest hospital chains in Asia.

  • *“Xrosscloud” is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.


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