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FIC Collaborates with Freescale to Provide Versatile ARM Platform Enablement Solutions by Adopting i.MX6 Energy-Efficient Series Processors.
Date: 2014/4/9
FIC’s Platform Enablement Solutions are Built for Fueling the industries of Automotive, Automation, Telecare, Surveillance, Digital Signage and more.


Taipei, Taiwan, April 9, 2014 – First International Computer, Inc. (FIC), a world leader in the design and production of electronic devices, today announces that it offers platform enablement solutions by adopting Freescale® Semiconductor’s latest i.MX6  quad-core processors based on ARM® Cortex™-A9 architecture. The applications are applied to many industries to reduce the development time for their customers.


“FIC has been working closely with Freescale for i.MX53 and i.MX 6 processor platform enablement since 2011, and we’re delighted now to be a Proven Partner in the global Freescale Connect Program to offer our experience and developing capability to round out the enablement and implementation of total system solutions,” said Alex Dee, Vice President, FIC.


FIC develops the MF0200, the latest comprehensive system board with Freescale i.MX6 quad-core processor, DDR3 2GB memory, a HDMI, SD card slot, USB OTG and four USB standard ports, two Gigabit LAN ports specifically for the Freescale i.MX6 series platform enablement. Supported applications include Home Energy Management Systems, Kiosk, Portable Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) Terminals, Telematics, Healthcare, Surveillance, Digital Signage and Smart Connected Appliances with various choices of operating system built-in including Android, Java Se Embedded, Java FX8 and Linux.


MF0200 System Board



FIC is demonstrating its latest platform enablement solutions during April 8th to 11th at Freescale Technology Forum in Dallas, booth no. 1326. For more information, visit www.fic.com.tw


1 The Freescale Connect Program is your essential source for embedded designs based on Freescale solutions. The program comprises a global network of independent engineering companies that offer the vital tools, software, technology, engineering services and training to speed your design to market. From reference boards to optimized software, Freescale making the world a smarter more connected place.

About FIC:

Founded in 1980, First International Computer, Inc (FIC) is a world leader in the design and production of electronic devices now is focusing its core business on building automation system and versatile ARM platform enablement solutions.

FIC has a workforce of over 8,100 employees spread amongst 2 manufacturing/assembly sites and 4 branch offices.

As an OEM/ODM supplier to many of the leading brands in North America, Asia and Europe, FIC has established itself as a pioneer of innovative products, supplying engineering expertise, advanced R&D and logistical services throughout the world.

For the latest information on FIC products and services visit www.fic.com.tw
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