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  The K8MC51G, an uATX form factor motherboard for AMD processors, is based on the NVIDIA C51G chipset. This feature packed motherboard includes one PCIe x16 slot, 5.1 channels software audio codec, support for Master and Ultra DMA 333/400 operation mode and DDR 400.
Special Features
    AMD K8 series Sempron/ Athlon64 processor (Socket 754)   NVIDIA C51G
    Serial ATA Controlled by NVIDIA chipset   5.1 channels software audio
    Support DDR 333/400 DDR SDRAM   One PCIe x16

 Processor  Supports Sempron Athlon 64 processors  (Socket 754) / FSB Up to 1GHz
 Chipset  North: NVIDIA C51G / South: nVidia MCP51G
 Memory  2 184-pin DDR DIMMs / Support DDR 333/400 SDRAM / Supports a maximum memory size 2GB
 Video  On board Controller Embedded in nVidia C51G / Add on interface 1x PCIe by 16
 Audio  Controller nVidia MCP51G / Codec ALC 655 5.1 Channels
 Onboard Lan  Controller+PHY--MCP51G+ Broadcom AC131 / Support 10/100 Mbps
 Expand Slots  One PCIe x 16 / One PCIe x 1 slot / 2 PCI
 Onboard IO  1 Parallel Port / 2 PS2 Connectors / 1 x COM port ; 1 x VGA port / 1 (1 x RJ45 + 2 x USB 2.0) / 1 x Audio connectors : Mic-In, Line-In, Line-Out / 1 x (2 x USB 2.0)
 Onboard IDE  An IDE controller on the NVIDIA chipset provides IDE HDD/CDROM with PIO bus / Master and Ultra DMA 100/133 operation mode
 System Bios  ACPI, APM, DMI, SMBIOS, PnP, USB, PC99, PC2001, Y2K Compliant
 USB 2.0  8 USB2.0 ports
 IEEE 1394  Supports up to 2 x 1394 ports (Optional)
 Form Factor  uATX Form Factor - 9.6(L) x 9.6(W) (unit : inch)
 Serial ATA  Controlled by NVIDIA MCP51G / SATA II PORT 2 port with 3GB/s support
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