KA-6100 BIOS Update Page

FIC Technical Support: KA-6100 BIOS Update Page

Before updating BIOS, note the following:

  • it is NOT recommended to update BIOS just for the sake of "having the latest BIOS available"
  • in 95% of cases, the latest BIOS does NOT "increase performance"

PCB Revision: 1.2

BIOS Version: 1.1ei

File name: 610011e.ZIP

Date: Nov 18, 1998

Remark: use flash625.exe for flashing (included)


1. Occasional failure of Qaplus ver 5.52 NPU test interrupt.

2. BIOS did not support FIC CD-PRO autorun feature

3. If "Install Audio,LAN,Video Driver" is selected on CD-PRO menu, "Function is not support" appeared.

PCB Revision: 1.1/1.2

BIOS Version: 1.1DI

File name: 610011d.zip

Date: September 24, 1998

Remark: Use flash625.exe for flashing


1. Problems with South Bridge 82C596 Ver:I in the Ultra DMA Mode 2

2. Not enough memory space for 1MB BIOS Flash ROM