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Pa-2006 BIOS Update Page

Before Updating

If you are considering updating your BIOS, we strongly suggest that you first contact your dealer or system assembler. This On-line BIOS Guide contains only general information about the standard product, and as such, the information and files provided here may not, in some cases, work with your hardware.

You should be aware that flashing a BIOS is not guaranteed to be successful. If your system is already running well, then even if there is a new version of the BIOS available, it may not be the best option to flash the new one. Your system may experience serious adverse side effects or even lower performance.

If you decide to flash a new BIOS make sure that you have first made a backup copy of your present BIOS onto a bootable floppy. This way you will most likely be able flash back to your old setup if problems arise.

618j90m 2.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 618J90M 09/10/97
1. Added new parting table for 6x86MX CPU
6x86MX-PR166 (60x2.5/66x2)
6x86MX-PR200 (60x2.5/75x2)
6x86MX-PR233 (66x3/75x2.5)
2. Fixed LS-120 driver recognition problem.
3. Fixed Amidiag PnP test failure.
4. Removed continued functionality of FDD that is disabled in CMOS setup.
5. Fixed McAfee Anti-Virus error under Win95.
6. Use Flash534.zip for flashing!
618J903 2.1&
AWARD BIOS ver. 618J903 09/10/97
  1. Addes new parting table for 6x86MX CPU
2. Fixes LS-120 recognition of driver letter error.
3. Fixes McAfee Virus Scan error under Windows 95.
4. Use Flash534.zip for flashing!
617j903 2.1C AWARD BIOS ver. 617J903 06/03/97
1.Fixes APM Function Fail under SCO Unix5.0.
2.Modified CPU ID string.
6x86L M1==[6x86L-PR200+]
6x86 M2==[6x86MX-PR166]
AMD K6==[AMD-K6/200]
3.Correct Insert/Delete function Key in Edit.com under DOS Mode.
4.Fixes the problem of Bitware not letting the system fall into the sleep mode.
5.Corrected Winbond I/O LPT IRQ assignment problem.
6.Use Flash533.zip for flashing!
617j90m 2.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 617j90M 05/30/97
1. Fixes APM function failure under SCO 1.Sometimes system will Release Standard PX Unix5.0. auto wakeup from suspend
2. Modified CPU ID string. under DOS mode.
6x86L M1==[6x86L-PR200+]
6x86 M2==[6x86MX-PR166]
AMD K6==[AMD-K6/200]
3. Fixes Bitware cause system do not into sleep mode.
4. Correct Wnbond I/O LPT IRQ rounter.
5. Fixes USB set to DOS,SCT Unreport
Memory fail.
6. Fixes USBHPT Diagnostics fail.
7. Use Flash531.zip for flashing!
616j90m 2.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 616J90M 04/17/97
1. Support LS-120 Floptical Bootable.
2. Support AMD K6 CPUID [AMD-K6/PR2-xxx].
3. Support Cyrix M2 CPUID [M2-MMX-Pxxx+].
4. Fixes PM secondary event malfunction.
5. Do not set cache pipelining if cache size>=1MB.
6. Fixes Num.LED Lock without PS/2 Mouse present.
7. Support CHICONY USB Keyboard but
work not properly.
(It will no respond a keyboard button that
has been depressed for a long time under
DOS mode.)
8. Do not assign IRQ12 to PCI device.
9. Set 3/4K Segment to non-cachable when
OnChip USB set to Enable.
10. Fixes APM Function Fail under SCO
1.Add Item "BIOS Support USB Keyboard
: DOS(Setup)" ,when "OnChip USB" set
2.Supports AMD K6 CPU.
3.Added "Disable" option for PM Event.. Fixes system can't install Win95 when using Microsoft serial mouse.
2. Fixed BIOS function "Floppy Access Control" set to "Read Only" can't work.
3. Fixed system caution when using ESS 1868 sound card in Win95.
4. Fixed System conflict with LPT & VGA in Win95 when LPT port set to 3BC address.
5.Use Flash531.zip for flashing!
616j903 2.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 616J903 04/11/97
1.Support LS-120 Floptical Bootable.
2.Support AMD K6 CPUID SCO Unix5.0.
3.Support Cyrix M2 CPUID
4.Fixes MSD check IRQ6 free.
5.Fixes system hang when use EMM386 with
6.Fixes PM secondary event malfunction.
7.Fixes Coretest 3.2 read error.
8.Do not set cache pipelining if cache size>=1MB.
1.Supports AMD K6 CPU.
2.Chipsets: VIA585_3035F/G+586_3028F
3.Modbin : MOD58 Fixes system can't install Win95 when using Microsoft serial mouse.
4.Use Flash531.zip
615j90m 2.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 615J90M 02/19/97
1. Add USB Function.
2. Fixes Coretest 3.02 resd error.
3. Fixes SCT5.30 test fail (IRQ6 can not
free when FDC set disable)
4. Add item in Manual : "OnChip USB :
Note : Chip Version : (3035G+3036E)
5.Use Flash531.zip
615j903 2.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 615J903 02/19/97
1.Added support for USB.
2. Added support for ATA-33.
3.Use Flash531.zip for flashing!
614j903 3.07 AWARD BIOS ver. 614J903 11/09/97
1. Add DMI2.0 Structure.
2. NT 4.0 CD bootable.
3. SCT 5.20
a. Millennium test pass.
b. When LPT set SPP, SCT 5.20 unreport I/O have error in 278/379/37a.
4. Support VT585-3035G 585_RX6B<Lbit>2 set to 1, and EDO timing set to 57h.
5. WHEN USE cYRX 6X86-200+cpu WITH fp/edo dram.
a. Automatic Disable Fast Decoding feature (585_RX65<bit>).
b. Automatic set DRAM timing 586_RX64 at bbH.
c. Automatic change IDE mode4 Timing RX48~4A from 21H to 31H.
6. PM Event HDD & FDD: On/Off == 586_RX80 <bit> :1/0.
7. Fixes 3COM net card warm boot fail.
8. Use Flash531.zip for flashing!

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