PA-2007 BIOS Update Page

Before Updating

If you are considering updating your BIOS, we strongly suggest that you first contact your dealer or system assembler. This On-line BIOS Guide contains only general information about the standard product, and as such, the information and files provided here may not, in some cases, work with your hardware.

You should be aware that flashing a BIOS is not guaranteed to be successful. If your system is already running well, then even if there is a new version of the BIOS available, it may not be the best option to flash the new one. Your system may experience serious adverse side effects or even lower performance.

If you decide to flash a new BIOS make sure that you have first made a backup copy of your present BIOS onto a bootable floppy. This way you will most likely be able flash back to your old setup if problems arise.

    For most recent BIOS updates, click here. 1.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 113CN13  06/04/1998
1. AMD 3D NOW!TM instruction set support
2. BIOS Release for PCB 1.2 with VIA Apollo VP2 with 586B south bridge chip only.
3. Use flash560.exe for flashing! 1.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 113CD13  06/04/1998
1.AMD 3D NOW!TM instruction set support
2. BIOS Release for PCB 1.2 with VIA Apollo VP2 with 586A south bridge chip only.
3. Use flash560.exe for flashing!
1.09CN12 1.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 109CN12  11/15/97
First BIOS Release for 586B Chipset only. If you are not sure what chipset you have, see the board's photo in the manual and read the numbers on the chipset.
1. No Thermal Function Support (AD22105)
2. Supports KM416S4030AT-G10(1Mx16x4) 64MB SDRAM in 595_3042H
3. Support Wait 4 sec to Remote-OFF
5. Use for flashing! 1.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 109CD12  09/26/97
  1. Fixes 64MB SDRAM detection bug (i.e. combination of two 32MB DIMM modules)
2. Adds CPU ID for Cyrix 6x86MX-PR233(75*2.5).
3. Adds CPU ID for IDT-C6-180(60*3).
4. Adds boot from SCSI option.
5. Use

1. First release BIOS for Award New Kernel BIOS.
2. Clear CMOS data before change the BIOS from old kernel(ex:618J90u) to New Kernel (ex:109CD12).
Include the "/CC" parameter in the flash command to clear the CMOS Data. 1.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 618J90W 06/27/97
1. Adds an optional item [M2 CPUID Register] (For MMX) in BIOS Features Set up when Cyrix 6x86MX CPU installed.
2. Fixes Winbond LPT resources conflict under Win95.
3. Fixes IRQ6 does not free up when BIOS set to disable FDD.
4. Corrects beep sound.
5. Adds Cyrix 6x86MX-PR233 CPUID String. [75*2.5/66*3]
6. Use 1.0 AWARD BIOS ver. 617J90W 05/15/97
  1. First Release Chipset: VIA 82C595_3042F+586A_3036J.

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