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Pa-2010+ BIOS Update Page

Before Updating

If you are considering updating your BIOS, we strongly suggest that you first contact your dealer or system assembler. This On-line BIOS Guide contains only general information about the standard product, and as such, the information and files provided here may not, in some cases, work with your hardware.

You should be aware that flashing a BIOS is not guaranteed to be successful. If your system is already running well, then even if there is a new version of the BIOS available, it may not be the best option to flash the new one. Your system may experience serious adverse side effects or even lower performance.

If you decide to flash a new BIOS make sure that you have first made a backup copy of your present BIOS onto a bootable floppy. This way you will most likely be able flash back to your old setup if problems arise.

113AB135.zip 4.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 113AB135 beta version    07/06/98
  1. support > 8 GB HD. INT13 extended service routine
Note: this beta BIOS is for VIA586A south bridge only, it only to support > 8GB HD so do not update unless necessary.
1.13AG15.zip 4.2A AWARD BIOS ver. 113AG15    07/06/98
  1. Add New CPU ID "AMD-K6(tm)-2" and "Cyrix M II/IBM 6x86MX"
2. Use flash621.exe for flashing (attached)!

3. Note: this BIOS does not enhance performance, only for VIA 586B south bridge , only adds text strings to the BIOS so do not update unless necessary.
1.10AG14.zip 4.2A AWARD BIOS ver. 110AG14    12/04/97
1. Support FIC CD Pro security protection.
2. USB keyboard cannot enter into BIOS
setup menu in system boot when system
is using USB keyboard.
3. Award DMI utility display data issue.
4. Use Flash534.zip for flashing!
1.10AG13.zip 4.2A AWARD BIOS ver. 110AG13    10/29/97
1. System cannot do soft-off.
2. Resync MA_Table for 64MB DIMM Module.
3. Disable DMA to PCI line buffer(it causes DMA problem).
4. System cannot go into suspend mode
under Win95 when CD ROM auto insert
notification function enabled.
Set BIOS setup feature"PM Event HDD&IO" and
"IRQ15" to disabled still cannot suspend.
5. Fix S.M.A.R.T flag clear at wrong place.
6. Use Flash534.zip for flashing!
1.09AB12.zip 4.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 109AB12    09/17/97
1. Added beep code when system suspend.
2. Added SCSI device boot function.
3. Use Flash534.zip for flashing!
1.08AG12.zip 4.2 AWARD BIOS ver. 108AG12    08/28/97
1. None
2. Use Flash534.zip for flashing!
108AB11.zip 4.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 108AB11     08/05/97
1. Use Flash531.zip for flashing!
618j90e.zip 4.1 AWARD BIOS ver. 618J90E       07/04/97
  1. Fixed continuous boot without VGA card.
2. Fixed beep code problem.
3. Fixed LPT port resource conflict.
4. Use Flash531.zip for flashing!
617j90e.zip 4.0 AWARD BIOS ver. 617J90E         07/05/97
1. First Release Chipset: VIA 82C585_3039D+586_3036H.
2. Use Flash531.zip for flashing!

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