PT-2007 BIOS Update Page

Before Updating

If you are considering updating your BIOS, we strongly suggest that you first contact your dealer or system assembler. This On-line BIOS Guide contains only general information about the standard product, and as such, the information and files provided here may not, in some cases, work with your hardware.

You should be aware that flashing a BIOS is not guaranteed to be successful. If your system is already running well, then even if there is a new version of the BIOS available, it may not be the best option to flash the new one. Your system may experience serious adverse side effects or even lower performance.

If you decide to flash a new BIOS make sure that you have first made a backup copy of your present BIOS onto a bootable floppy. This way you will most likely be able flash back to your old setup if problems arise.


FILE NAME PCB DESCRIPTION 1.3 AMI BIOS ver. 626GB14           12/14/97
1. Support FIC CD Pro security protection.
2. Use for flashing! 1.3 AWARD BIOS ver. 108GB12    08/25/97
1. Use for flashing! 1.3 AMI BIOS ver. 626GB13            08/05/97
  1. Fixed system hangups when running DOS utility with USB Legacy keyboard.
2. Fixed the problem of system always displaying HDD PIO mode 0 even when HDD PIO mode is set to PIO 1/2/3.
3. Fixed system inability to boot from FDD, displays "…." instead of "Fail".
4. Fixed occasional CPU vendor error (166MHz) when using Pentium P54C-166MHz CPU with SIMM modules.
5. Use for flashing! 1.3 AMI BIOS ver. 626 GB12            06/25/97
1. Fixed system inability to install Win95 when using Microsoft serial mouse.
2. Fixed BIOS function "Floppy Access Control" not having "Read Only" option.
3. Fixed system caution when using ESS 1868 sound card in Win95.
4. Fixed system conflict with LPT & VGA in Win95 when LPT port set to 3BC address.
5.Use for flashing!

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