VB-601-V BIOS Update Page

Before updating BIOS, note the following:

  • it is NOT recommended to update BIOS just for the sake of "having the latest BIOS available"
  • in 95% of cases, the latest BIOS does NOT "increase performance"
  • before updating BIOS, get familiar with BIOS Update Procedure and make sure you backup the old BIOS to a floppy

Note: most recent BIOS updates are located here.

PCB Revision: 1.3

BIOS type: AMI

BIOS file name:
Qc615_VB-601-V_PCB1.3.zip (Europe)

Release date: December 03, 1998

Flash utility: flash641.com (included)


1. System auto power on after shutdown with Winbond 977EF-AW

2. When ZIP driver without disk, FDISK won't execute.

3. After Win98 ACPI mode shutdown, 3-button PS2 mouse can't power on the system.

4. 3Com LAN card have a caution in Win98.

5. Hang-ups in NT4.0 restart.

6. Add SB-LINK support.

7. Supported CPU Micro-code 167201,167102,167006,166004,165214,165130,165032,163435 & 163334.

8. Make Clear-Password-SW can clear Super-IO Keyboard power-on password.

9. Solve AGP VGA Riva-TNT incompatibility issue.

PCB Revision: 1.3

BIOS file name: Qc614_Vb-601_PCB1.3.zip

Release date: October 21, 1998

Flash Utility: flash641.com


1. Supports software power failure recovery (for W977TF I/O) & H/W power failure recovery (for W977EF). This is auto switch between 977TF & 977EF.

2. Support keyboard & mouse power-on & change password power-on solution

3. Solved occasional CMOS failure in power plug; BIOS will auto load CMOS default & reset system when CMOS check sum fail.

4. Added code for support 3-button PS2 mouse can wake-up when shutdown in ACPI S5.

5. Fixed TNT hang in Windows98.

6. Can boot with Tekram DC390/T SCSI card from SCSI HDD

7. Fixed BCT's BCD 32x CD-ROM UDMA 2 showing PIO Mode 0 in summary screen.

PCB Revision: 1.3

BIOS Version: QC612

File name: QC612.zip

Date: October 02, 1998

Remark: -


1. Fixed auto shutdown by BIOS when keyboard-power on reg fails

2. Fixed the problem whereas when SDRAM CL=2 & 100MHz, after resetting some SDRAM will cause the system hang

3. Fixed HCT 7.6 PCI card error

4. Added VSB (+5v standby) display

5. Updated PII micro code 167006 & 167102

6. Removed 2M Flash parts AMD & SGS-Thomson for more ROM space

7. Add 782 ACPI Thermal Management

PCB Revision: 1.3

BIOS Version: QC611

File name: QC611_vb-601-v.zip

Date: September 16, 1998

Remark: -


1. Support 977EF-AW & 977TF-AW keyboard & mouse power-on.

2. Support 782D hardware monitoring on boards with Winbond 782D.

3. Driver Strength set via SPD by H/W request.

4. CAS Latency via SPD.

5. Support CPU Patch: 163332,163433,165027,165129,165214,166004 & 167003.

6. Support SMBIOS 2.1

7. Support ACPI

8. Support FHMS

9. Resolved problem when no SPD DIMM detected POST will report a SPD not found message.

10. Support 2M flash parts: SST, Winbond, AMD & SGS-Thomson.