VB-601 BIOS Update Page

Before Updating

If you are considering updating your BIOS, we strongly suggest that you first contact your dealer or system assembler. This On-line BIOS Guide contains only general information about the standard product, and as such, the information and files provided here may not, in some cases, work with your hardware.

You should be aware that flashing a BIOS is not guaranteed to be successful. If your system is already running well, then even if there is a new version of the BIOS available, it may not be the best option to flash the new one. Your system may experience serious adverse side effects or even lower performance.

If you decide to flash a new BIOS make sure that you have first made a backup copy of your present BIOS onto a bootable floppy. This way you will most likely be able flash back to your old setup if problems arise.

Newer BIOS releases are located here.

mi410.zip (Europe)
mi410.zip (USA)
mi410.zip (Taiwan)


v. January 18, 1999, flash625.exe (incl.)

1. Added new BIOS kernel.
2. The CPU warning and shutdown temperature range of latest CPUs is too small in setup.
3. MS Windows NT5.0 Beta 2 can't run.

115mi13.zip (Europe)
115mi13.zip (USA)
115mi13.zip (Taiwan)

AWARD BIOS ver. 1.15MI13, 11/23/1998

1. Force ACPI use SMBus to read W83782D
2. Update Trend Anti Virus version to 1.63
3. Only set PS/2 mouse power on system without waiting PS/2 mouse response for BIOS.
4. Update microcode
Note: Only for Winbond 977EF I/O Chip (Winbond 83977EF)
Do NOT use it with other chips from the 83977EF series (83977EF-AW, etc.), i.e. if you see a dash ("-") after "83977EF", do NOT flash your BIOS with this BIOS update because the board won't be able to boot.
The I/O Chip is located near the edge of the motherboard, close to the fifth PCI expansion slot.

115mi12.zip (Taiwan)
115mi12.zip (USA)
115mi12.zip (Europe)


v.1.15MI12, 1998/11/16, flash625.exe (incl.)

1. Fixed IR can't work when W977TF I/O chip onboard.
2. Fixed LDCM loss DIMM1 data.
3. CPU microcode update (added 671,672).
4. Support L2 ECC select item.
5. Fix HCT8.0 test fail in unreport I/O & memory.
6. Support auto switch 66 and 100 MHz.
7. Fix can not shutdown in ACPI mode when use serial mouse.
8. Support using clear password dip can bypass password for power on.
9. Windows 98 can't restart when set wake on keyboard or password.






v.1.15MI11, 1998/8/20, flash625.exe (incl.)

1. Support new thermal policy.
2. Fix DVD can not boot and run install.
3. Fix PS/2 mouse can not power the system on.





v.1.15MI10, 1998/7/23, flash625.exe (incl.)

1. Support I/O Winbond 977EF, chipset support automatic power fail recovery function.
2. Support W83782D H/W monitoring.
3. Prevent power auto on when power button off is pressed.

1.15ME11.zip 1.2/1.3

AWARD BIOS ver. 1.15ME11           06/30/98

1. Add ACPI support.
2. Set to power on by mouse click causing
power on immediately after plug power.
3. 3D Wodoo VGA AGP card display
wrong message "graphic post": modified VGA setting.
4. Fixed Celeron 333 MHz hangup: updated
micro code and patch identification for these CPU.
5. Use flash560.exe for flashing (included in zip file)

1.15ME10.zip 1.2/1.3

AWARD BIOS ver. 1.15ME10           06/15/98.

1. Support suspend to disk function.
2. Support power on record power state.
3. Support SMBIOS 2.1.
4. Display L2 ECC status on summary screen.
5. Fix first time cannot enter suspend when wake from LAN.
6. Prevent unexpected on after press power button for delay 4 seconds.
7. Use flash560.exe for flashing (included in zip file)

1.15MC10.zip 1.1

AWARD BIOS ver. 1.15MC10           06/15/1998

1 . Added overclock settings (unofficial)
2. Added ECC for L2 cache function
3. Added Suspend-to-HDD function
4. Use flash560.exe for flashing (included in zip file)

1.14MC10.zip 1.1

AWARD BIOS ver. 1.14MC10          05/12/981.

1. None.
2. Use Flash560.zip for flashing!

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