3CEMS GROUP 2019-05-04

3CEMS mainly focuses on producing and manufacturing electronic devices for customers in Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Communication, Consumer and Medical industries. From join design to prototype to trial-run to mass production stage, we provide a total manufacturing solution to meet every stage request.

Our R.D teams also involve in customer early design stage in order to evaluate for cost and production optimization. 3CEMS, as being an EMS provider who has comprehensive engineering capabilities and building experiences, is able to help its clients on further expending their business.

With our extensive design experiences, our JDM service is always being in an important and professional process to our clients while they develop broader production lines to address the largest global trends and markets.


  1. PCBA, FPCBA, Box-Build Manufacturing, Production Optimization
  2. Join Design, Prototype, Trail Run, Mass Production
  3. Turnkey Solution, Component & Product Traceability, Supply Chain Management
  4. Low Volume High Mix, Testing, Logistic Management and RMA

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