AR Hud Design Solutions

FIC augmented reality head up display (AR HUD) is a non-wearable information entertainment and navigation system, using a small "projector" with LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) technology - AR display to broadcast information to the windshield, hardware installed in the dashboard and sunshade.

FIC Laser AR HUD_Mountain

The product system uses advanced inertial sensors and GPS, and combines with full HD camera for simultaneous mapping and positioning. This is due to hardware-accelerated video processing and rendering. It can provide pedestrians with routes, itinerary details and real-time indicators, points of interest or alarms outside the car. Because all this shows - from the driver's point of view - that on the road ahead, the driver never needs to liberate his eyes from the task ahead.

Better yet, because the system displays real-time indicators and alerts for the above items, it can actually point out things that may have been overlooked, thereby possibly preventing accidents. Its system updates include a wider view and an AR user interface with a color display at a virtual distance of 15 meters ahead on the road.

With 40 years of design experiences with NXP solutions, FIC products coupled with rising digitization that leads to everything seamless connected. FIC offers wide range of edge computing cuts across the IoT, from S.M.B, building automation and to the most complex vehicle with variety of NXP solutions in order to provide design and manufacturing solutions of AR Hud Display for your vehicles. If you have such design and manufacturing request, please contact us today.

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