Automotive Digital Cluster


FIC is helping automakers transition from analog clusters to the digital control interface. Equipped with FIC CF020-2 core-board, FIC offers the digital cluster with 2D/3D graphic interfaces, QNX software system and combining various vehicles driving information. FIC is car manufacturers’ factory installed product partner to make a success of the modern automotive cockpit.

Automotive Digital Cluster For Pre-Market

Cluster Centric in-Vehicle Equipment Architecture - Next Generation Digital Cluster

Cluster Software Stacks

  1. 2D/3D Graphical Platform
  2. QNX
  3. CAN Stack on MCU
  4. Hypervisor for: 1. Trust Zone 2Multiple Operating System


  1. Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning
  2. Forward Collision Warning
  3. Lane Departure Warning
  4. Headway Monitoring Warning
  5. Intelligent High-Beam Control
  6. Speed Limit Indicator & Traffic Sign Recognition

FIC CF0200-2 core-board is built in the digital cluster with UI integration to provide automakers to present menus and information to drivers.


  1. Quad/Dual/Single Core in one design for 3D/2.5D/2D UI
  2. Through standard video interface (CVBS/HDMI/FPDLink, we can merge it to our UI
  3. Smart Phone/ADAS/Rear Camera/DTV/DVR can be integrated to UI

CF0200-2NXP i.MX6 Quad/Dual/Solo core-board

CPU NXP iMAX6 Solo / Dual Light / Quad
System RAM DDR3L 512MB / 1GB
eMMC 4GB / 16GB

Interfaces reserved for LVDS, HDMI

Audio, GPS, USB, Serial, I2C, SDIO, GPIO

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