BEV will continue to account for more than 60 percent of the electric vehicle market 2021-02-02

Due to the promotion of national policies, the sales of fuel vehicles will be reduced in the next 10 years, advancing the global sales of electric vehicles. Among them, BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) will continue to account for more than 60% of the electric vehicle market, exceeding PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

The main factors affecting the sales of electric vehicles are the implementation of incentive policies for electric vehicles and the announcement of the time limit for banning the production and sale of fuel vehicles in various countries, the tightening of carbon emission policies, and the expansion of electric vehicle product lines by car manufacturers. In addition, the structure of BEV is simpler than that of plug-in hybrid vehicle, and the main difference between the two is in the engine part.

PHEV adopts dual power system, engine and motor, while EV only has motor part. PHEV needs 6900 parts and components of the engine, while other related drive systems and control components are 4200 more than the motor. Compared with plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, BEV body is lighter, which can reduce power consumption.

For car manufacturers, the advantages of developing BEV include sharing chassis designing different types of cars, sharing 90% of the parts, and greatly shortening the vehicle development cycle. The common chassis has all kinds of key components needed by the electric vehicle, including chassis frame, battery pack, motor, electronic control units (ECU), suspension system, etc.

At present, the major car manufacturer is also aimed at developing common platform for BEV development, and it can apply the modular platform of BEV to the single module platform, such as passenger cars, pickup trucks, recreational activity vehicles (RAV), trucks and so on. Common platform also supply to group brands to reduce its production cost.

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