Digital Instrument Cluster Design Solution 2020-04-09

The virtual automobile cluster replaces the most representative parts of the existing cluster such as indicators and digits with a screen. Its advantage is that users can define their own instrument system to meet different requirements, which is more powerful, flexible and easier to connect with the network, peripherals and other applications.

Virtual automobile instrument cluster benefits from more powerful graphics processing and display effect, more indicators are designed by quasi-physical method, which can effectively shorten the user's

acceptance process. Multimedia entertainment information and basic vehicle information can also be displayed more logically, centralized display helps to improve driving safety, and driving sight does not need to switch frequently in multiple locations; in addition, simplicity The design can also leave more space for the ride area or storage.

Although LCD technology is mature now, it is not only simple to install a LCD cluster on a car with a display screen. In fact, this is rather complex system engineering. After changing to LCD screen, first of all, the vehicle information presented to drivers is much richer than the traditional instrument cluster. The collection of information, the cooperation of LCD cluster and sensor, the precision adjustment of display instrument and so on, all need to be overcome one by one by the car manufacturers.

And each vehicle must undergo strict high and low temperature test before mass production; as part of the whole vehicle, the instrument panel module should also meet the same high and low temperature test standards. But because the space in the dashboard bin is relatively small, and the GPU of the LCD module, the display screen and so on will heat up in the use process. The higher resolution of LCD screen, the higher the calorific value. Therefore, finding or developing a suitable hardware product for vehicle interior environment and matching a set of hardware environment to meet the requirements of vehicle use are also technical difficulty that the R&D team has to overcome.

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