Engine is not the first cost of automobile production, and the electronic system has gradually become an important part! 2020-05-12

In the past, the largest proportion of automobile production cost was 30% of the power system, by 20% of the transmission and steering system, while the rest of the vehicles body, chassis, suspension, brake, electronic parts and other equipment shared the remaining 50%. However, with the development of technology, the proportion of electronic equipment is no longer the same. According to foreign research, automobile electronic equipment has accounted for the overall production 40% of the cost by 2017 will even reach 45% by 2030. In the future, you will buy a mobile electronic product.

According to the semiconductor white paper released by Deloitte, the demand for electronic parts in the automobile industry is increasing year by year. The cost of electronic parts in automobile production has increased from 18% in 2000 to 20% in 2007, and reached 40% by 2017. The reason is that the common digital instruments, touch screens, active safety protection systems, electric steering machines, intelligent headlights, etc. Technology has boosted the number of electronic chips.

The report points out that the semiconductor industry has jumped to a point in the automotive supply chain. In 2013, the total cost of electronic chips was about 312 US dollars, which has been raised to 400 US dollars so far. It is estimated that by 2022 it will be more than 600 US dollars. After all, the trend of the electric vehicle is obvious. Its functions of battery, motor, automatic driving system, vehicle communication network interface will gradually become popular, especially for self-driving. To achieve the level 4 goal, the sensors installed around the car body will have 24 modules. Without these chips to support your vehicle, you may not be able to drive. Therefore, the high growth of electronic equipment has gradually reshaped the automobile industry.


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