European EV Subsidy Policy, Promote The Transformation of Automotive Enterprises 2021-01-26

Under the European policy of carbon emission, governments require car manufacturers to improve the fuel engine performance, provide subsidies for electric vehicles, and provide consumers with high subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. Many countries have set a schedule for banning the sale of fuel vehicles. For example, Norway will ban the sale from 2025, while Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are expected to ban the sale from 2030.

In order to promote policies and encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles, the European government provides preferential subsidy policies. For example, the subsidy for electric vehicles in Germany can reach up to EUR 9000 per set, and the subsidy for electric vehicles in France and Italy can reach EUR 6000-7000. That is to say, after the subsidy, European consumers can buy electric vehicles at the same price as fuel vehicles or even lower.

At 2020, the sales volume of electric vehicles in Europe is estimated to reach 1.08 million units, with an annual growth rate of 92% compared with 560,000 units in 2019. In order to comply the strict carbon dioxide emission requirements set by the European Union in 2030, accelerate the transformation of vehicle manufacturers PHEV and BEV electric vehicles, and also drive the construction of charging stations in Europe because electric vehicles have to be recharged by plug-in. According to the European Green Deal policy, it is planned that the number of charging stations in Europe will increase to 1 million by 2025.

With the development of electric vehicle industry chain, autonomous cars and other automotive technology applications have become the focus of market attention. From the design of automotive safety electronic products, such as AR HUD (Augmented Reality head up display), ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), to 5G technology applications. Building the Internet of vehicles will be the development trend of automotive industry.

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