Germany will invest 5.5 billion euros in charging stations for power plants 2021-03-29

Over the next two years, Germany will invest no less than € 5.5 billion to substantially increase its charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Stated by many car manufacturers and electric car users, the issue of charging infrastructure for electric cars remains a difficult one. As the number of electric vehicles increases rapidly, European countries are lagging behind in terms of charging stations for them, so that both private and, in particular, government investments are most needed.

In this context, Steffen Seibert, spokeswoman for Chancellor Angela Merkel, announced in an online conference with the leaders of major car manufacturers that the German state will invest 5.5 billion euros by 2024 to expand the charging infrastructure of electric cars from the continent’s strongest economy.

The measure announced by the Germans supports both the industry and customers of electric cars to achieve the ever-increasing pollution control targets imposed by the European Commission. As Germany is a major supporter of the European Commission’s ambitious environmental goals, but at the same time is seen as a country that supports its strong car industry even if its interests do not align with the demands of Brussels politicians, the investment plan 5.5 billion euros is very welcome.


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