How to avoid collisions in automatic driving? Scientists study locusts to find answers. 2020-10-08

Now the automotive technology has entered the era of semi-automatic driving, and full-automatic driving or unmanned driving is close at hand. In the development and research of full-automatic driving, how to ensure that all vehicles can run safely and actively avoid accidents is the primary task of major research institutions. Pennsylvania State University found that locusts have special anti-collision sensing ability It is possible to find out how automatic driving can prevent collision.

Even if locusts flying in groups are very close to each other, they will not collide. This advanced ability is quite special. The R & D team believes that this ability can be applied to the active safety system of vehicles. By studying the locust avoidance mechanism, the car can also have the ability of locust like and reduce vehicle accidents.

There is a special neural structure in locusts, which can be used as sensitive sensors. The operating principle is very simple. When two locusts fly too close, or the flight path may collide, the locust's eyes will reflect the approaching body and send out stimulus signals. The closer they get, the more intense the stimulation will be. At this time, the nerve will calculate the Avoidance Trajectory as a dodge Predict and make actual response.

Pennsylvania State University uses the characteristics of locust neurons to develop sensors. This sensor will sense the approaching objects and send out responses. Then, the driving computer can quickly calculate the strain mode to avoid danger. Although the response of the sensor is very fast, it will take time to accurately sense various objects, people or animals. If the research and development is completed, it will be from semi-automatic driving at present to fully automatic driving in the future. There may not be a serious accident caused by the failure of the system to predict in time.


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