Overview of Canadian Automotive Industry 2020-12-10
The automotive industry is a key industry in Canada. In 2019, the export of automotive related products amounted to CAD $78.4 billion (about US $60 billion), accounting for 13.2% of Canada's total export volume.

The Great Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, is close to Detroit in the United States. Because of lower energy and operating costs than the United States, and Canada is rich in mineral resources, it attracted five major foreign automotive manufacturers and component manufacturers to settle in, and local auto parts suppliers also flourished. In addition, British Columbia and Quebec, driven by government policies, have formed new settlements for hydrogen energy and electric vehicles.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2010, Canada's automotive industry contributed about $13.4 billion to its GDP. The automotive OEM industry accounted for 46.4% of the total, 48.2% of the auto parts and components, and 5.4% of the body. The contribution of the automotive industry to GDP has increased year by year, reaching $16.6 billion (about US $13 billion) in 2019, of which nearly $8.9 billion of auto parts and components, accounting for 53.5%. However, the proportion of GDP of the vehicle OEM industry is decreasing year by year, from 46.4% in 2010 to 39.2% in 2019.

Canada's automotive industry has transformed from vehicle OEM to technology R & D, and in 2017, it promoted the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN). In addition, the Great Lakes Region of Ontario is densely populated with artificial intelligence (AI) and networking related academic research units. General Motors, Ford and other car manufacturers have transformed vehicle bases into R & D centers, and developed self-driving automotive companies such as Uber, Google and Apple to set up Internet of vehicles laboratories, forming a science and technology research and development corridor.

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