Possible new 'mini moon' discovered orbiting Earth. It started to circle the earth three years ago 2020-03-02

In the earth's orbit, which is full of satellites and human-made debris and only one confirmed 

natural object: the moon. Recently, astronomers announced that there is a ‘mini moon’ in earth 

orbit that has been around the earth for three years, named 2020 CD3.

The moon is the only natural satellite that has been steadily following the earth since ancient 

times. In fact, the earth's gravity often accidentally catches other passing small bodies in the 

solar system. The latter will be temporarily bound in the earth's orbit, and then walk around for 

a while before leaving again.

In September 2006, scientists discovered that the 2006 RH120, a near Earth Asteroid, entered 

the temporary satellite capture (TSC) and returned to orbit around the sun in June 2007 after 

circling the earth for several times.

In recent days, International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center (MPC) announced that 

there is a new temporary satellite capture object on earth.

It was discovered by Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) that it was captured by earth gravity three years 

ago, named 2020 CD3 (C26FED2). The object is very small.

The estimated diameter of the sunlight reflected from it is only 1.9-3.5 meters. It may leave the 

earth's orbit sometime in April this year and return to the normal orbit around the sun.

If more observations later confirm this, it will be the second known Mini moon among nearly a 

million known asteroids. But scientists say further analysis is needed to determine whether the 

object is a space rock, rather than a large piece of space junk made by humans. We hope we 

can get the answer by April.


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