Samsung announced that it will launch 600 million pixel image sensing: breaking the limit of human eyes 2020-04-21

With Samsung's ISOCELL HM1/HMX sensor, some mobile phones have taken the lead in carrying a 180 million pixel camera, bringing new possibilities for photographing.

It was reported that Samsung is developing a 150 million pixel Nonacell image sensor. However, Yongin Park, executive vice president of Samsung LSI, said in the latest article published on the official website that they are preparing to develop a 600 million pixel (600 MP) sensor product, directly breaking through the human eye limit (about 500 million pixels).

Similar to the current 108MP sensor's nine in one technology, at the scale of 600MP, Samsung is bound to use multi-pixel synthesis technology to simulate the background and improve the quality of the chip, which may require the introduction of new materials and other technologies.

In addition, Yongin Park also mentioned that the Samsung LSI sensor can capture light waves beyond the human eye (450nm to 750nm away), such as ultraviolet sensor can be used to detect skin cancer, infrared sensor can be used for industrial quality control, etc.

It is reported that Samsung's 600 million pixel CMOS size will be relatively large, which may not be for smart phone development, but for Autonomous driving, Internet of Things and other fields.

──Source: Mydrivers

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