Smart Retail

Pyramid IoT Architecture

Cloud Calculation

  1. Responsible for the data collection of the national  stores
  2. Analyze the main operating indicators of the store
  3. Integrated sensor data and sales data analysis
  4. Data-based store data to plan featured stores
  5. Innovative planning and adjustment of commodities to reduce commodity retention
  6. Analyze and plan manpower allocation to improve efficiency and increase revenue


Fog Calculation

  1. Collecting market status information in the area
  2. Simple summary of performance and information
  3. Dashboard instant control operation


Edge Calculation

  1. The sensor in the store collects data
  2. Integrated store equipment management
  3. Image recognition collects visitor information
  4. Energy management and comfort regulation


Smart Retail Management Solution

Integrate different functional systems through a unified information intelligence platform to form a system with comprehensive functions such as information collection, resource sharing and optimization management.

The Benefit

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