Smart Technology And Green Energy 2021-03-16

Climate change is the most critical issue in the current generation. With the global warming becoming more and more serious, various countries have formulated carbon reduction policies in order to achieve sustainable development of resources. When the economy develops vigorously, the industrial development of various sectors such as residential, transportation and industry will be influenced by the integrated energy saving concept and technology, which will affect the results of the world in energy conservation and carbon reduction policies.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Greenhouse gas emissions are closely related to energy consumption, industrial production activities and lifestyle, including residential, commercial and transportation.

In residential and commercial energy conservation, green buildings adopt energy-saving building materials and design, which helps to achieve energy-saving effect and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

With the development of IOT, intelligent building management and intelligent building control system management are introduced to effectively achieve energy control and allocate limited resources.

In terms of energy saving in transportation, countries around the world accelerate the promotion of ITS (intelligent transportation systems) to improve the operational efficiency of transportation systems, so as to expand energy-saving benefits and provide more efficient services.

In recent years, the development strategy of the automobile industry has shifted to the use of electricity and hydrogen energy as vehicle power sources. The government has promoted policies to encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles and replace fuel vehicles with electric vehicles to reduce pollution emissions.

Developing Green Energy

In the development of new energy, the heat energy generated by the sun or the earth's interior is directly or indirectly used in various forms, including solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, etc.. Compared with traditional energy, new energy generally has the characteristics of less pollution and large reserves, which can solve the problem of serious environmental pollution and energy depletion.

Solar energy as an example, the photovoltaic semiconductor in the solar panel receives sunlight and converts the radiation into direct current. Through the construction of solar panels and the use of AI technology for solar energy management platform monitoring, green energy is used to replace fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil energy.

Although the progress of science and technology has increased the burden on the environment, it can also change the lifestyle through scientific and technological innovation, so as to achieve the common development of energy, environmental protection and economy.

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