Socionext encoder generates live 8K video streams 2019-07-19

Socionext, the video data processing specialist, has developed a streaming encoder unit – the “e8 – which generates live 8K video streams for expanding the use of HD high-quality video.

The e8 is equipped with Socionext’s multi-channel, real-time encoder SoC, the MB86M31.

It is capable of real-time encoding of 8K/60p video with HEVC/H.265, and enables live streaming of large, high-definition video data through IP networks. It also supports the 4:2:2 10-bit color profile required in high-quality professional video shooting, to deliver ultra-vivid, life-like video images.

The e8 comes with a 12G-SDI interface (4ch) for easy connection to a wide range of 8K cameras. It supports a number of streaming protocols including HLS and RTP. With an intuitive user interface for configuring system settings, the e8 also enables users to develop a high-quality and reliable 8K live streaming system quickly and efficiently.

Socionext has tested and verified operations in various environments by combining the e8 and the company’s “s8” media player. By connecting these two devices over the network, users will be able to attain an advanced video streaming solution where “high-definition”, “high-quality” and “real-time” are the essential requirements.

The applications include viewing of sports and other events in the public space, and video communications in schools, commercial enterprises and other organizations.

The solution can also facilitate live 8K VR streaming for the most immersive user experience possible.

It will be available worldwide in September 2019.

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