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Job Opportunity
System Integration Testing Engineer 2020-07-08

Job Description:

  1. Write test plan and drive test execution
  2. Run and control System Design and integration in cooperation with ME/EE/SW designers and vendors.
  3. System integration of new components on various HW/ME machine platforms.
  4. Manage Machine technical qualification and testing period and clarify any design related issues and problems with R&D team.
  5. Control machine's testing and measurements during product development period, in particular:

    (1). Managing of all required product specific environmental tests such as shock & vibration test…etc

    (2). Product Safety

    (3). Mechanical tests

    (4). EMI/ESD solution

  6. Design and develop test plans using Industry Standard test tools.
  7. Responsible for system level documentation.
  8. Support remote test execution, troubleshooting, and issue debugging.
  9. Validate Product Design Quality.
  10. Review test results to ensure specification compliance and highest design quality level, in balance with cost and schedule.

Candidate requirement:

For 5+ years of work experience related to Industrial products

Job location: Taipei Headquarter

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