Smart City Managements

Smart Management System for Smart City & IoT Application

  1. Having an Open Information Integration Framework
  2. With remote management and WEB interface
  3. Compatible Internet of Things and Terminal Device Communication Links
  4. Compatibility and Integration of Image Recognition and AI Technology Import
  5. Powerful Edge computing for data analysis
  6. Modularized application design and build-in.
  7. Compatibility of parallel multi-system interface and integration


Cloud Smart Traffic Management Center

  1. Open data framework
  2. Remote system management through web-browser
  3. Compliance with IOT sensors and end devices communication
  4. Integrated with video recognition & LPR
  5. Adapted AI operation in the Edge computer
  6. Shorten integration time by template and modular design

EDGE computing unit: ECU

  1. Data collection from sensors and events
  2. Front-end equipment interlock and management
  3. Message display and event management.
  4. Other IoT sensors integration.
  5. Algorithm implement

Image recognition unit: IRU

  1. Traffic flow and Vehicle identification.
  2. Violation event detection, License plate Recognition
  3. Parking bay detection

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Smart Energy

  • Integrated IoT base solution fulfill various vertical market
  • Ideal solution for fusion old legacy and new IoT system/equipment
  • Shorten integration time, template and modular design
  • Customized visualize date to minimize building or facility efficiency
  • Cutting-edge user interface, easy to build, easy to modify
  • Improve developer and user experience
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance via Internet
  • Adapt AI operation in the Edge computer
  • Decentralized system architecture supported
  • HTML5 technology

Markets we serve

The Niagara Framework connects the enterprise to provide better energy management. Enhanced security. Operational excellence,lower costs and end-to-end efficiency across multiple industries.

Provide device networking services in different market segments

  • The system that has been put into operation 750,000+
  • 18,000+ certified engineers worldwide
  • Business coverage of 75+ countries

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Smart Retails

Pyramid IoT Architecture

Cloud Calculation

  1. Responsible for the data collection of the national  stores
  2. Analyze the main operating indicators of the store
  3. Integrated sensor data and sales data analysis
  4. Data-based store data to plan featured stores
  5. Innovative planning and adjustment of commodities to reduce commodity retention
  6. Analyze and plan manpower allocation to improve efficiency and increase revenue

Fog Calculation

  1. Collecting market status information in the area
  2. Simple summary of performance and information
  3. Dashboard instant control operation

Edge Calculation

  1. The sensor in the store collects data
  2. Integrated store equipment management
  3. Image recognition collects visitor information
  4. Energy management and comfort regulation

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Intelligent Video Analysis

Real-Time Video Recognition and Intelligent system

  • Video to Digital Data、Machine learning、Patten analysis,extract useful data from the video
  • Digitization (the past) —— Datamation (now) —— Self-Learning (on-going)
  • Focus on Event, not only recorded video


Security、Intrusion Detection

  • Campus virtual fence
  • Office、Factory intelligent security detection

Access control、Face recognition

  • Smart Access control
  • Face recognition、People tracking
  • Facility security、Loitering Detection

Business Intelligence

  • People counting、Age/Gender detection
  • Flow control、Queue detection

Smart Transportation

  • Traffic flow counting、Car tracking
  • License plate recognition、Parking recognition
  • Heavy vehicle illegal behavior recognition

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