3CEMS Group

3CEMS was founded in 1994, with 30 years of electronics manufacturing experience, 5600 employees worldwide, and the 19th in the global electronics foundry. Mainly dedicated to the manufacturing and production of electronic products in the communications, automotive, industrial, maritime, aerospace, medical and consumer industries. From participating in design to proofing, to trial production and mass production, we provide a complete manufacturing solution to meet the needs of each production stage.

The R&D team can make early design participation suggestions for the customer’s electronic product design to evaluate the overall optimization of the cost and manufacturing surface. As an EMS foundry with comprehensive engineering capabilities and manufacturing experience, 3CEMS can assist customers in further expanding their sales business. At the same time, with our rich experience in electronic foundry, JDM (Joint Design Manufacturer) service is always an important and necessary professional production process for our customers.