FICG follows the industrial resource-oriented principle. FIC, 3CEMS and Ubiqconn are important subsidiaries of FICG. In 2017, with the efforts of all supervisors and employees, they continued to reduce operating costs, improve operational flexibility, and transform to a foundation with high gross profit. Functional tablet computer, system assembly and industrial computer production and sales.


FIC GLOBAL, INC. referred to as “FICG”, was established and listed on August 30, 2004. The original FIC was to implement industrial holdings and separate operations to achieve comprehensive benefits and independent development policies, and to expand the operational flexibility of group companies and the purpose of diversifying investment risks. In accordance with Article 29 of the Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Law, FICG was established by FIC conversion. After its establishment, the original FIC became a wholly-owned subsidiary.


As a world-renowned EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) electronic manufacturing foundry solution provider, 3CEMS Group has extensive experience in electronic manufacturing. We provide customers with the most extensive PCB, PCBA, Box-Build and System Integration, LVHM, HMLV, Turnkey Solution, Supply Chain Management electronics manufacturing foundry overall solutions. Business services are mainly concentrated in telecommunications electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, automotive electronics, marine electronics, avionics and consumer electronics manufacturing foundry.


Ubiqconn is a trusted IPC brand partner, providing mature ODM services for key players in different vertical markets. We provide solutions ranging from hardware, software, firmware to fully embedded to meet customer needs. With more than 30 years of playing the role of excellence and innovative solutions in different industries, we are proud and confident of providing customers with competitive products and innovative capabilities. Ubiqconn is not only committed to providing seamless design and docking of products, but also committed to providing customers with overall ODM solutions and services. Although our products are designed for ruggedness, efficient power management, radio frequency technology and quality, we also provide software-oriented solutions to improve the complete seamless service conditions. As for the service side, our focus is to provide a solid supply chain and a win-win ecosystem through which you can obtain our value-added services and comprehensive solutions. It is through these service strengths that we successfully stand out from other IPC competitors.


RuggON is a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers for decades. Its professional products can be used in harsh environments. RuggON’s professional engineering design team has excellent capabilities, technology and high-quality production equipment. It is oriented to optimize and improve the user’s past operating experience, and is eager to understand the different needs of each unique industry to provide the most efficient and high-quality customization Solve the service. RuggON has always been committed to providing high-precision rugged computer production technology to achieve customer satisfaction and expectations, and is proud of breaking the infinite possibilities of tomorrow.


In the past 30 years, LEOSYS has focused on collaborative technology, integration and management services, and is committed to assisting corporate customers in planning, construction, technical support, IT maintenance management, optimizing information processes, and improving customers’ industrial added value and innovative communications (ICT) technology infrastructure, the use of 5G, AI, Internet, integrated communications, information security, data centers, financial industry computerization, automated professional services, as well as enterprise resource planning consultants, ICT consultants, IT outsourcing services and education training Other value-added services, customer care service centers set up specifically for different customers, provide tailor-made services that meet the needs of customers, and meet the industry’s upper, middle, and downstream system integration applications and various information equipment and communication technology solutions to assist customers Focus on the accelerated development of its industry.