Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR HUD) Become the Trend of Head-Up Display

Head-Up Display Overview: from HUD to Augmented Reality HUD   The Head-Up Display (HUD) projects important driving information such as speed and navigation on the windshield in front of the driver, so that the vehicle safety information can be seen without turning around and looking down at the cluster. HUD has been used in automobiles for nearly […]

Metaverse in Automotive: FIC Completes In-Vehicle Meta & XR Technologies

What is the Metaverse? Virtual Society and WEB 3.0 in Automotive Field The Metaverse is the ‘’Virtual Society’’ of the future. People will live in a Virtual Society immersed in full perception, including the five senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. In this society, people will live in the space which is based on […]


At the beginning of 2021, FIC Global won the CES 2021 Innovation Awards of AR HUD design, which attracted the attention of automotive industry. Same year, FIC AR HUD augmented reality head up display product won the honor and affirmation of the Asian Innovative Design Award again. At GMT+8 3:30 p.m. on December 9th, 2021, […]