The Brain of Vehicle – ECU Gateway

The operation of the vehicle needs to be completed through the cooperation of many computer modules. There are many systems operating in the vehicle. Besides the modules in the system operate by themselves, they also need to cooperate with other system modules. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the controller of the system and also coordinates […]

FIC Health Examination Activity of Employees

It has been 40 years since founding of FIC (First International Computer), and it is always being a successful way of supporting one and other from teamwork cooperation; hence, employees are extremely significant assets to the enterprise, and employee health care is the primary responsibility for the group. To this end, on November 12, FIC […]

Creating Something New

The world of electronics has been in contact flux for the past fifty years, with new developments in every arena. In automobiles, the situation is much the same with new technology affecting how we drive and how we interact with vehicles. Leading this charge of modernity is First International Computer, Inc. (FIC). Based in Taiwan, […]