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First International Computer (also known as FIC), is a Taiwanese design solution provider and system integrator for automotive electronics and smart building automations, founded in 1979 by Dr. Ming-J Chien & Mrs. Charlene Wong, in Taiwan Taipei. The group has more than 5000 people worldwide, including 2 manufacturing factories and 3 sales offices. FIC is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic products. In recent years, its core business focuses on the integration of automotive electronic design, manufacturing solutions and smart building automation control management.

FIC group provides friendly and reliable solutions. Through excellent integrated design service capability, competitive cost advantage, high quality and efficient global manufacturing service system, we provide customers with more flexible, integrated and reliable long-term partnership.

FIC group is mainly composed of four business facilities:

1. First International Computer – known as FIC
2. 3CEMS Group – Known as Prime and Amertek
3. Ubiqconn Technology
4. Leo System

Founded in 1979, FIC is dedicated to the research and design development of automotive electronic products, motherboard design, software and hardware development and design, design manufacturing services (DMS / ODM), system assembly and integration, supply chain management, ARM platform integrated solutions, fleet management solutions, smart building automation management and system integration, smart traffic flow monitoring solutions, and smart solar energy business.

Founded in 1994, 3CEMS Group has a number of professional manufacturing quality management certification, and its main business is focused on various electronic product manufacturing services (EMS/OEM). From joint design, component purchasing to PCB assembly, system integration, box build, supply chain management, logistics management, RMA and other turnkey manufacturing solutions. Manufacturing products in automotive electronics, communication electronics, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, maritime electronic products, etc. At present, the factory is moving towards the avionics industry, and is expected to provide OEM services for avionics production in 2021.

Ubiqconn Technology was founded in 2011, focusing on the R&D, design and manufacturing of software and hardware ODM for industrial tablet computers, industrial computers, and other custom made computers. With its own IPC brand RuggOn, it mainly supplies to maritime industry, automotive industry, military industry, building control, logistics & warehousing, and heavy industry, etc.

Leo system was established in 1985 and it is, a ICT Service and solution provider, dedicated to assisting customers in establishing and planning IT maintenance, optimizing information process and improving value-added information and communication (ICT) technology. 

With 400 employees worldwide, Leo system plays a role in providing value-added services, such as: 

1. Intelligent Integration: data storage, storage equipment, IoT planning and establishing, internet system planning, virtual server, information safety system, google adwards.
2. Enterprise Application: business resource integration, smart e-commerce, supply chain management, smart city solution, smart medical, banking software.
3. Cloud Computing: enterprise private cloud and hybrid cloud, enterprise mobility management, IT outsourcing management, IT training education.
4. Big Data & Optimization: industry analysis, market risk expectation, cloud computing applications.

The main customer of Leo System covers the top 500 enterprises in Greater China, and the business partners are from financial industry, telecommunication industry, manufacturing industry, medical industry, retail industry, government units, public sectors, education units, etc.

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