Business Goal
Automotive Electronic Design Development + Smart Building Automation and System Integration + Electronic Manufacturing Service Solution 

Reinforce Business Integration

Create value-added service: Focus on automotive electronic design engineering, smart building automation system integration, material procurement, supply chain management, testing and analysis, quality assurance, logistics management, and RMA service. 

Vertical Integration:Strengthen the sales-service capability for the products of PCB, PCBA SYSA, Box-Build, Turnkey Sourcing in both upstream and downstream firms. 

Horizontal Integration:Enlarge product scope by integrating with other enterprises’ services, e.g. electronic manufacturing capability, software application, system integration / assembly, design engineering capability.

FIC has been intensively working on the enhancement of various kinds of automotive electronic designs in order to provide and maintain the highest standards requested by the highly esteemed car manufacturers and partners. With its in-house intellectual property, FIC believe its technology and contribution in automotive industry will bring a big change to people’s driving experience in the future.

Needless to say, the team at FIC has proven themselves to be an incredible success, assisting car makers to accelerate into a new era of prosperity. With innovation guiding at the forefront, FIC is in the driver’s seat for the future’s unimaginable, top-notch technologies. 

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