Business Goal
BUSINESS GOAL - Worldwide Top Tiers Design Service + EMS Provider 

Reinforce Business Integration

Create value-added service : Focus on design & engineering, material procurement, testing and analysis, quality assurance, logistics management, customer service. Add second source providers and shift from customer's consigned parts to self-procurement, in order to provide better services such as cost, L/T, business terms…

Vertical Integration : Strengthen the sales-service capability for the products of PCB, PCBA SYSA, Box-Build, Turnkey Sourcing in both upstream and downstream firms. Reinforce the service depth to customer.

Horizontal Integration : Enlarge product scope by adding other products, e.g. the key component in mobile electronics or medical equipment in industrial standard.

Adjust Product Structure

Increase the ratio of high unit price products via upgrading the technical capability in manufacturing, and move towards high profit product development, e.g. appliance-oriented products, automobile or medical devices.

Become the World-wide One-stop Solution Provider

Aggressively participate in customer-site design, upgrade engineering added-value. Satisfy customer's needs with various customer product component assembly.
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