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In the past 50 years, the electronic technology world has been in a changing trend, with new breakthroughs and developments in various fields. In the automotive field, new technology has enormous impact on the way we interact with our driving behavior. FIC’s global service footprint has spread across Europe, the Unite States and Asia, and has always been a leading technology brand enterprise. 

Mr. Leo began to lead the group towards a new business development in 2010, with unique insights to the market trend and gradually moved the team towards a new direction of automotive electronic design manufacturing and smart building IoT system integration business. Throughout the years, he integrated the group's relevant technical capabilities and resources in order to support the new business comprehensively, and became CEO of FIC in 2016. He owns high sensitivity to the market demand and has been certain that in the future,  smart automotive including autonomous technology, smart building automations and smart traffics business will increase tremendously, hence leading the group toward the direction by providing supreme technologies to enrich people’s lives and driving experiences.


In order to create the best possible result, efficient communication and collaboration with customers is the key. A substantial number of FIC’s projects are jointed efforts with customers. This approach not only saves significant costs at the preliminary design stage but also creates the opportunity to quickly learn from each other’s expertise. Long-term partnership has proven vital to the success of FIC by building up close teamwork, respecting each other’s domain known-how, hence a consistent performance can be delivered. 

1. U.S. Tier-2 EMS/DMS (Service Excellence Quality Awards Winner)
2. UK AI Global International Best Design & Service Awards Winner
3. Comprehensive design manufacturing and joint design capability by FIC & 3CEMS
4. LV/HM Design Manufacturing Experience (over 25 years)
5. Fast NPI Flexibility (4 weeks)
6. DFX management, cost & production optimization to improve quality.
7. Global Customers (37% EUR, 35% Asia, 28% US)


With a number of patented technologies and quality certification, FIC constantly invest the latest testing equipment and enhance the standards of testing laboratories in order to provide supreme qualified products to our global partners.

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