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  • FIC Global 3CEMS Group Enters Aviation Supply Chain

    FIC Global 3CEMS Group Enters Aviation Supply Chain

    FIC Global Inc. (stock 3701.TW) affiliates company 3CEMS Group - Prime Technology Inc., as a world top ranking 30th EMS (electronic manufacturing service) enterprise across the major domain of electronic manufacturing business went through the final audit of AS9100D Certificate in the middle of June. This is the significant remark of acquisition of AS9100D Certification for Prime Technology Quality System. The achievement of AS9100D is the primary focus of 3CEMS Group’s annual goal and expands the company’s position as a leading EMS provider to the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. It also extends the long list of Prime’s quality certifications system, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 26262, ISO 13485 and TL 9000, etc. AS9100 is the International Quality Management System Standard for manufacturing avionics in the Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry, created by the IAQG. AS9100 Rev D (2016) is the most recent version, which provides suppliers with requirements for creating and maintaining a comprehensive quality system on providing safe and reliable products to the Aviation, Space and Defense industries, as well as civil & military aviation requirements. Many major AS&D manufacturers require that their direct suppliers be AS certified and recommend that all of the AS&D supply chains be AS certified. As a General Manager of FICG and the vice chairman of 3CEMS group, Mr. Leo Chien quoted as saying “this is a very exciting step to see the group moving forward into aviation and space industry eventually, meaning that the products we produce and manufacture are in the air or in space, and one day might be utilized by NASA in some way. How cool is that!! This is my dream to reach the goal like this, space related.” “We are proud to announce that we are entering a higher level of quality and process and achieve a very meaningful milestone in FIC Global, 3CEMS Group business development’s history,” said Ian Tang, the Vice President of 3CEMS Group Prime BU. “AS9100D has the rigor process discipline to demonstrate and ensure safe and reliable products to our customers. Certainly, the superior product quality management and the process discipline such as AS9100D will bring more predictable outcomes and more valuable performances to our customers.” AS9100D Certification is the witness and milestone for FIC Global - 3CEMS Group with the continuous improvement in all fields of the company’s business. As an enterprise that made an important achievement in the field of automotive electronic, maritime electronics, telecommunication electronics and medical electronics, 3CEMS Group will never be complacent and always stay dedicated to practicing our value: We listen. We support all. We promise with commitment. ——Source:
  • Power Day: Volkswagen plans standard battery cell

    Power Day: Volkswagen plans standard battery cell

    Volkswagen has just presented its technology roadmap for the battery and charging sectors up to 2030 at its Power Day presentation. The aim of the roadmap is to significantly reduce the complexity and costs of batteries. At the core of the plan are six “Gigafactories” throughout Europe. With Volkswagen’s battery plans, complexity and costs are to be achieved primarily through a new, uniform battery cell, as the German carmaker explained at its Power Day event that lasted several hours. Although this cell has a uniform format, it can contain different cell chemistries that are adapted to the respective vehicle. Here, VW is relying on a prismatic cell. This standardised battery cell is to be installed in up to 80 per cent of all the group’s electric vehicles by 2030. “For the remaining 20 per cent, a large manufacturer like Volkswagen needs specially adapted cells from suppliers,” says VW technical director Thomas Schmall at the Power Day. “But it is important that we use the same cell for 80 per cent. With this 80 per cent, we will then succeed in achieving the cost targets.” The costs are to be reduced by 30 per cent on average, and even by up to 50 per cent for smaller vehicles. There is a simple reason why the savings are greater for entry-level BEVs: similar to Tesla’s announcement at Battery Day in September 2020, Volkswagen also wants to rely on LFP cells for its volume models in future. “These cells are cheap and robust, they can withstand many charging cycles,” says Frank Blome, head of the Center of Excellence Battery Cell. “This makes them very promising for vehicles with short ranges.” LFP for entry-level BEVs, solid-state as the “ultimate goal” Volkswagen figures that in terms of cost reductions, up to 15 per cent is to be saved in the cell design itself, up to ten per cent in production, five per cent in the battery system and up to 20 per cent in material costs for the anode and cathode – adding up to the targeted 50 per cent savings in comparison to the current cell generation. The “consistent recycling”, starting from the pilot plant opened in Salzgitter in January, should also contribute to the cost savings in the long term – 95 per cent of the materials should be able to be reused. “We will also use our economies of scale for the benefit of customers in the battery,” says Schmall. “On average, we will thus reduce the cost of battery systems to well below 100 euros per kilowatt-hour. This will finally make e-mobility affordable.” Cells with a high manganese or nickel content are to be used for the larger and more powerful series of the Group brands, but the nickel-rich cathodes are likely to be used for premium brands because of the higher material costs. Battery expert Blome described solid-state batteries as the “ultimate goal”, which should then enable charging to 80 per cent in 12 minutes. According to Blome, the solid-state batteries should not only enable shorter charging times for customers (on the 450 kilometres from Leipz...
  • Happy Women's Day!

    Happy Women's Day!

    Great To Have You The Day Only Belongs To You Happy Women's Day!
  • CES 2021 Innovation Awards Winner - FIC Design Engineer

    CES 2021 Innovation Awards Winner - FIC Design Engineer

    It's excited to announce FIC has been named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree for AR HUD. In terms of innovative design, engineering characteristics and application features of augmented reality head-up display with AR HUD in Vehicle Intelligence and Traffic category, the project has been highly recognized by the judges. FIC AR HUD uses LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) technology projection and uses Laser as its light source. The light source high contrast makes the image visible under natural light. In addition to the common navigation functions in HUD, the addition of ADAS, Driver Monitoring System, Driver Behavior System, etc., FIC is constantly adding service mode in AR HUD to enhance driving experience. Moreover, the AR HUD solutions provided by FIC can be applied not only in automobiles, but also in commercial vehicles. With more than 40 years of R & D and design, engineering and manufacturing experience. FIC engineering computing technology ranks the leading position in the world. In recent years, it has developed automotive electronic product design and won numerous awards in AR HUD, digital cluster, ADAS system design and development. Thanks for the support and encouragement of our partners, FIC will continue to improve our team’s capabilities and provide more quality services. Due to the impact of Covid-19, CES will be Online-Digital exhibition from January 11 to 14, 2021. The products of innovation award winners will be released at the same time. The winning technologies of FIC will be presented together. Welcome to participate in this grand event. Innovation Awards page: #CES2021 #CESREADY #FIC #AR #augmentedreality
  • What the In-Vehicle Infotainment provides?

    What the In-Vehicle Infotainment provides?

    In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI system) is not only used as vehicle entertainment media, but also becomes the control center of intelligent automobile active and passive safety functions under the development of automobile intelligence, and provide various wireless and wired transmission schemes to realize the combination of vehicle external network resources. FIC In-Vehicle infotainment system mainly provides navigation system, music and video streaming playback, entertainment system (such as games, TV), and call functions. It is also the human-machine interaction (HMI) center of vehicle electronic system. In recent years, LCD touch screen has been used to replace the previous button type, focusing on the interactive experience of the human-computer interface. Design considerations from the perspective of user experience, to provide rich image effects. In addition to the high stability and durability of the vehicle electronics, the demand for external multimedia entertainment, Internet resource connection and intelligent interactive resources is also gradually increasing. It is supported by a number of communication technologies, including mobile network (LTE-A / LTE / UMTS / GSM), Bluetooth, WLAN, digital / audio broadcasting and voice control. It is more complex in communication technology integration. The interconnection and communication between network and electronic system devices, the compatibility of software and hardware need to be verified for many times, and the designer must have years of experience and technology integration ability. FIC provides customized design capability of user interface and QNX software system integration for automotive suppliers, and creates high-quality infotainment system for automobiles.
  • The Brain of Vehicle - ECU Gateway

    The Brain of Vehicle - ECU Gateway

    The operation of the vehicle needs to be completed through the cooperation of many computer modules. There are many systems operating in the vehicle. Besides the modules in the system operate by themselves, they also need to cooperate with other system modules. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the controller of the system and also coordinates the information transmission among the system modules. The ECU, like a computer, plays the core role in every automotive electronic system and controls lots of systems in the car. The internal components are composed of microprocessor (MCU), memory (ROM, RAM), I/O interface (I/O), analog-to-digital converter (A/D), shaping, driving and other large-scale integrated circuits. FIC ECU gateway collects the working signal of the automobile system through the sensor, and then transmits it back to the transmission line. The ECU judges, analyzes and calculates, and sends relevant instructions to the system to perform the corresponding work. In addition, each ECU has the function of message transmission to exchange information in the vehicle network system. In the event of a vehicle system failure, the ECU will record the fault information and send a reminder to the instrument panel, and sends analysis information to the actuator to maintain the vehicle operation. In addition, with the development of the automobile towards intelligence and network-connected, the embedded software will become more and more sophisticated and complex due to the fact that there are nearly hundred of ECUs operating in modern automobiles. OTA (Over-the-Air Technology) updates the software of the system through ECU, which makes the ECU integration function more important.
  • FIC Health Examination Activity of Employees

    FIC Health Examination Activity of Employees

    It has been 40 years since founding of FIC (First International Computer), and it is always being a successful way of supporting one and other from teamwork cooperation; hence, employees are extremely significant assets to the enterprise, and employee health care is the primary responsibility for the group. To this end, on November 12, FIC arranged a series of physical examination activities for all employees, so that employees could better understand their own health conditions and reach the health care management concept of "prevention is better than treatment". Due to the busy work and less exercise for people nowadays, many young people have found and suffered from the problem of Three-Highs (High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar and Cholesterol) for a long time. The FIC planned to provide health examination series for the employees, especially on the metabolic syndrome project. In this project, waist circumference measurement, BMI (height and body mass index) evaluation, blood fat and other examinations are included in the physical examination service. In addition, liver disease has always been the biggest health concern for Taiwanese people; therefore, in this year, we’ve also conducted ultrasound diagnosis on liver function, fatty liver and hepatitis B / C, so that colleagues could feel that the company really cares about their comprehensive health life. The on-site health examination provided by C.H.S Hospital is very comprehensive and perfect. Employees can enjoy professional medical diagnosis and health examination service in the comfortable environment arranged by the company without any special inspection process in the hospital. In the future, FIC will continue to actively build a high-quality working environment, so that colleagues can enjoy more comfortable and better welfare, and live on a healthier and happier life.
  • Creating Something New

    Creating Something New

    The world of electronics has been in contact flux for the past fifty years, with new developments in every arena. In automobiles, the situation is much the same with new technology affecting how we drive and how we interact with vehicles. Leading this charge of modernity is First International Computer, Inc. (FIC). Based in Taiwan, but with a global footprint, we look more closely at the company in the light of its award-winning success. Founded by Dr. Ming J. Chien, FIC has come a long way since selling its first PRIME computers in 1980. And in year 2004, Mr. Leo Chien, son of Dr. Ming, joined the group and contributed his master expertise as COO of FIC in 2008. Mr. Leo began to lead the group towards a new business development in 2010, with unique insights to the market trend and gradually moved the team towards a new direction of automotive electronic design manufacturing and smart building IoT system integration business. Throughout the years, he integrated the group's relevant technical capabilities and resources in order to support the new business comprehensively, and became CEO of FIC in 2016. He owns high sensitivity to the market demand and has been certain that in the future,  smart automotive including autonomous technology, smart building automations and smart traffics business will increase tremendously, hence leading the group toward the direction by providing supreme technologies to enrich people’s lives and driving experiences. With 40 years of design engineering and manufacturing experience, FIC possesses proven records as unique advantages over many of its competitors. As a true leader in the field, FIC provides automotive EDMS (Electronic Design Manufacturing Service), supply chain management and system integration solution for global Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, with roughly 60% in US & European Market and 40% in Asia Market. With a broad reach, the team is able to provide clients with end-to-end automotive electronic design manufacturing solutions, from Concept and Design Development, Supply Chain Management, JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing), POC, EVT/DVT/PVT, PCB Assembly, Box-Build, System Assembly and System Integration, turnkey solutions all the way to logistic and RMA service. In order to create the best possible result, efficient communication and collaboration with customers is the key. A substantial number of FIC’s projects are jointed efforts with customers. This approach not only saves significant costs at the preliminary design stage but also creates the opportunity to quickly learn from each other’s expertise. Long-term partnership has proven vital to the success of FIC by building up close teamwork, respecting each other’s domain known-how, hence a consistent performance can be delivered.  Thanks to the vice president of the design team, Mr. Alex Dee, he has been leading the team to successfully develop various projects over the years. FIC has already achieved its great success in the field of desi...
  • Shining Moment

    Shining Moment

    Founded in 1979, with 40 years electronic design manufacturing experience, First International Computer Inc. - FIC has been providing services from joint design, product development, system integration and supply chain management, to R&D support, procurement, production, box-build, sample build, NPI, MP, and other turnkey solution for automotive electronic design manufacturing, we have kept winning numerous awards over years. In 2020, the FIC group has again won the "Best Automotive Electronic Design Manufacturing" and "Best 3C Electronic Design Manufacturing" awards of AI Global Business Excellence in UK, and the augmented reality head-up display ( AR HUD ) and digital instrument cluster were the most attractive and creative inventions to the judges. With the highest respects, FIC with worldwide 4800 staffs and sincerely appreciate for all the supports and encouragements from global partners and customers. Our R&D team, sales engineers, after-sales service teams and thousands of production manufacturing engineers will continue to improve their capabilities and provide better services in order to enhance your automotive electronic products. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of physical activities have been postponed this year, and it's unfortunate that we might not be able to meet with all partners effectively. However, you can still follow FIC from our digital platforms, official website and social media find out the latest news. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us, and we look forward to serving you. Thank you!
  • Why digital instrument cluster is better?

    Why digital instrument cluster is better?

    The car digital instrument cluster replaces the most representative parts of the existing cluster such as indicators and digits with screen, and provides complete freedom to alter the displayed content so that car manufacturers can define exclusive user interface to meet different requirements for the market users. The FIC digital cluster design uses LCD panel as display screen, which provides more powerful 2D/3D graphics and effects than the analogue instrument dashboard. It enhances not only the appearance of car interior with eye-catching graphics and features but also can be connected to the vehicle network, so that multimedia entertainment and basic vehicle information can be more logically displayed on screen; in addition, the simplicity design also leaves more space for better storage compartments. Different models and power vehicles need to be designed and manufactured in different ways for its car dashboard design manufacturing; usually, it is composed by LCD, protection screen, touch screen, backlight and other electronic components. Comparing with the traditional dashboard, the digital cluster information presented on a digital screen is more rich and diverse. The car information, the LCD cluster system and sensors need to work together by adjusting and verifying many times by car manufacturers and designers in order to provide better, safer and more accurate driving information for car users. An experienced automotive digital instrument cluster DMS (design manufacturing service) company is a key to fulfill the full electronics features of the modern automotive cockpit. The level of software expertise needed extends beyond the traditional embedded skill set. Joint design manufacturing and offering such capability to provide exclusive custom made digital cluster design with 2D/3D user interface and QNX software system integration for automotive Tier 1 & 2 electronic suppliers is what FIC does today. First International Computer Inc. Editorial: Jenna Lai / Image: Josephine Lo 2020/06/04
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