2020 CES Show Black Technology

No matter it is consumer, industrial or automotive front assembly or rear loading electronic products, those been the hot topics and the focus of the market. With the gradual progress of science and technology, Smart Transportation, Internet of vehicles (IOV), Internet of things will gradually become an indispensable tool in people’s life in the near future; hence, in recent years, the market shares of smart transportation electronic related products have also increased rapidly, which is also one of the most insightful markets for most car business enterprises.

For 40 years, the group, First International Computer (FIC), has been playing a leading role in the design and manufacturing of consumer electronics in computer industry. After many years of product design experience and ability, FIC has gradually transformed its business into a group company specializing in automotive electronic design and manufacturing.

This year, FIC will present black technology design solutions for automotive electronics at CES: like, smart vehicle AR HUD design, Digital Cluster Design, Smart Fleet Management, ADAS design… etc! So far, numerous well-known tier 1 and tier 2 car manufacturers have cooperated with FIC, friends who are interested in our design services are welcome to visit our booth at Westgate IoT Infrastructure #2821 for further understanding. We are looking forward to seeing at the 2020 CES show!

2019/12/13 FIC Global Marketing – Mr. Asa Huang