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2024 Taipei AMPA : Experience FIC’s AR HUD

  The Leading Automotive B2B Trade Show, 2024 Taipei AMPA & Autotronics Taipei, will grandly open on April 17th. This time, in collaboration with the Institute for Information Industry (III), FIC is showcasing our Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR HUD) solution at booth mTARC. Integrated with LBS AR HUD and ADAS system, we aim to […]

Cybellum CSMS – Cybersecurity Management System

This summer, things are going to change. Cybersecurity takes the front seat, and automotive OEMs are on the spot – all vehicles they produce from July ‘24 onwards, must comply with new cybersecurity risk management regulations to get Type Approval. It should be very clear – lack of compliance means no sales of cars, buses […]

Exploring the Future – CES 2024

The CES 2024 , which leads global electronic technology, will be launched on January 9, 2024. FIC will participate in this event and look forward to sharing the latest innovative automotive electronic technologies with you.

The Future of Smart Cockpit: Connectivity, Entertainment, and Productivity

Smart cockpit has always been a focal point of the modern automotive industry, representing the application of technology and innovation within the vehicle’s interior. In the future, this field is poised for even more transformation, elevating connectivity, entertainment, and productivity to unprecedented heights. The Smart Cockpit System The next generation of smart cockpit design will […]

2023 IAA Mobility In Munich

2023 IAA Mobility will grandly open in September in Munich, Germany. FIC, a global provider of high-quality automotive electronics design, manufacturing, and supply chain management services, invites you to visit our exhibition.

Smart Buildings: Making Buildings Smarter to Enhance Market Competitiveness

  In the modern cityscape filled with skyscrapers, buildings, and various public facilities play a crucial role, providing important spaces for people’s lives, and entertainment. To improve the efficiency, comfort, and sustainability of these spaces, Smart Building Solutions have been developed. These solutions combine advanced technology and innovative designs, infusing intelligence into buildings to offer […]

How Energy Management Creates Effective Economy Under The Rising Tide Of Environmental Awareness

As people think about how to coexist with the natural environment, sustainable development and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues have gained global attention. Both businesses and governments are exploring more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy solutions. In this context, smart energy and Energy Management Systems have emerged as key technologies for achieving sustainable development goals. […]