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CES 2021 Innovation Awards Winner – FIC Design Engineer

It’s excited to announce FIC has been named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree for AR HUD. In terms of innovative design, engineering characteristics and application features of augmented reality head-up display with AR HUD in Vehicle Intelligence and Traffic category, the project has been highly recognized by the judges. FIC AR HUD uses LBS […]

What the In-Vehicle Infotainment provides?

In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI system) is not only used as vehicle entertainment media, but also becomes the control center of intelligent automobile active and passive safety functions under the development of automobile intelligence, and provide various wireless and wired transmission schemes to realize the combination of vehicle external network resources. FIC In-Vehicle infotainment system mainly […]

The Brain of Vehicle – ECU Gateway

The operation of the vehicle needs to be completed through the cooperation of many computer modules. There are many systems operating in the vehicle. Besides the modules in the system operate by themselves, they also need to cooperate with other system modules. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the controller of the system and also coordinates […]

FIC Health Examination Activity of Employees

It has been 40 years since founding of FIC (First International Computer), and it is always being a successful way of supporting one and other from teamwork cooperation; hence, employees are extremely significant assets to the enterprise, and employee health care is the primary responsibility for the group. To this end, on November 12, FIC […]

Shining Moment

Founded in 1979, with 40 years electronic design manufacturing experience, First International Computer Inc. – FIC has been providing services from joint design, product development, system integration and supply chain management, to R&D support, procurement, production, box-build, sample build, NPI, MP, and other turnkey solution for automotive electronic design manufacturing, we have kept winning numerous […]

Why digital instrument cluster is better?

The car digital instrument cluster replaces the most representative parts of the existing cluster such as indicators and digits with screen, and provides complete freedom to alter the displayed content so that car manufacturers can define exclusive user interface to meet different requirements for the market users. The FIC digital cluster design uses LCD panel […]

AR HUD Design Solution

There are different kinds of optical applications for HUD product, such as TFT (Thin Film Transistor), DLP (Digital Light Processing), and LBS (Laser Beam Scanning). The features of these techniques are as follows: •  TFT: Brightness 800~12000nits, projection becomes blurry when zooming in. Low light utilization, inefficient energy management that requires space and design for […]

2020 CES Show Black Technology

No matter it is consumer, industrial or automotive front assembly or rear loading electronic products, those been the hot topics and the focus of the market. With the gradual progress of science and technology, Smart Transportation, Internet of vehicles (IOV), Internet of things will gradually become an indispensable tool in people’s life in the near future; […]