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 Cybellum CSMS信息安全管理系统管理产品生命周期的资安问题 34/10000 实时翻译 Cyberlum CSMS Information Security Management System Management Product Lifecycle Information Security Issues 划译 Cyberlum CSMS Information Security Management System Management Product Lifecycle Information Security Issues

This summer, things are going to change. Cybersecurity takes the front seat, and automotive OEMs are on the spot – all vehicles they produce from July ‘24 onwards, must comply with new cybersecurity risk management regulations to get Type Approval.

It should be very clear – lack of compliance means no sales of cars, buses and trucks in 54 countries across the world, including the EU, UK, Japan and South Korea.

But cybersecurity risk management is a continuous battle, not a one-off effort, involving people, processes and technology, which require more than manual oversight. You need a system to manage it from start to finish – vehicles must be designed and developed with security in mind, and kept secure years after they leave the factory floor.

That’s a huge task. You must orchestrate the work of multiple teams, manage the risk of every product, set up multiple tools, and generate an enormous amount of reports in a timely manner. All the time.

To prepare for this new era, you must build a certified Cyber Security Management System, where all activities and certifications related to product’s cyber risk are managed, across all your products and throughout their entire life cycle.


The CSMS Cockpit – Your Central Place for All Things CSMS

Cybellum’s CSMS Cockpit is a platform that automates software cyber-assurance and incident response activities pre and post production. It facilitates certification document generation & provides the analysis, management and traceability capabilities needed to comply with WP.29 requirements and vehicle type-approval. That way, not only will your vehicles hit the road as secure as possible, but will remain that way throughout their long operational lifespan.

Main Values of CSMS

– Unparalleled visibility and control:
Enhanced management and governance over product security risk and certification activities, so your vehicles remain secure and compliant, and you never miss your milestones.

– Improved collaboration and ease-of-use:
A single solution unifying pre and post production product security, report generation, and cyber certification, creating a single source of truth that facilitates collaborative cross-organizational work.

– Faster more scalable activities:
Shorten TTM and get to compliance faster with advanced automations, integrated workflows and automated document generation.

– Designed by product security experts:
For product security experts – co-designed with LG VS, the leading Tier-1 supplier for the world’s greatest automotive brands.



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