How the In-Car Metaverse Becomes A New Life Style

ARHUD and ADD realize the car metaverse

The Metaverse began to grow in 2021 and evolved from the combination of “Meta” and “Universe”, which is beyond the existing universe. With the growth of the Metaverse, it means that today we are moving from the physical world to the digital world, and finally into the IoT world that integrates virtual and real.


The Metaverse aggregates all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the wider IoT world by one platform or multiple platforms. With the connection of rapidly changing technologies, devices and networks, we will all experience of Metaverse through life. AR and VR technology are the beginning of the Metaverse. Their applications include online meetings, teaching, sales, entertainment, medical care and food, clothing, transportation and entertainment. All living things can be combined with the Metaverse. Of course, the Metaverse can also be realized in cars. 

Metaverse provides a new experience for the vehicle world

The HUD with AR technology overlaps the virtual image on the real road, and its driving experience of virtual reality integration will be the beginning of the vehicle Metaverse. When the vehicle moves towards automation, people no longer just move on the vehicle, and begin to enjoy the convenience brought by online life. The output of the interface is no longer just dependent on the physical screen, but is projected around the life through the vehicle projection 3D holographic images to provide an interactive experience, establish a deep connection with users, and create an immersive feeling like being in the universe of all things.

How the FIC Metaverse Executes

Through the development of LBS Laser Beam Scanning technology, FIC has gradually promoted the application of holographic projection from the AR HUD to the ADD Window Advertisement System to the planning schedule. With LBS technology as the most basic technology, in the next 10 years, it will be divided into “Reception Period”, “Exchange Period” and “Integration Period” to develop successively and achieve 360 degree in car virtual image projection, providing in car holographic floating display technology, virtual reality interaction, and realizing immersive virtual society.

Technological Development To Realize The Metaverse

The connotation of the Metaverse includes the revolutionary achievements of information, network, AI artificial intelligence, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, game engine and other technologies. In the automotive Metaverse, the key technical points include in the car window display, instant information push broadcasting, in car human-computer interface, AI computing customization, software content construction and integration of the entrance platform. With years of experience in automotive electronic design and IoT integration business, FIC will connect the vehicle system with media, audio-visual, entertainment and communication as the one platform to create a new car experience.