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Car DOOH Advertising Trend: FIC Launches Car Window Advertisement Display

FIC advertisement display

What is car DOOH Advertising? DOOH Introduction

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising refers to the billboards that consumers come into contact with on the way out, which are usually limited to the digital materials appearing in the bus stop/bus, MRT platform/carriage, taxi, or street.

Using digital signboard technology, compared with traditional print media, digital broadcasting has a more dynamic effect, makes the communication content more diversified, can provide a larger amount of information, and optimize the advertising content and the target audience in combination with big data.

New DOOH Advertising Trend in Automotive Industry

According to the research, mobile advertising is the most effective form of outdoor advertising. Compared with other outdoor advertising, mobile advertising can reach more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM). This also means that installing outdoor advertising on mobile vehicles (car DOOH advertising) can have higher advertising efficiency than digital advertising boards on the street.

In the installation of digital outdoor advertising on vehicles, in addition to the LED screen in the vehicle and the advertising billboard on the roof. In recent years, it has developed to put image advertisements on the windows, which has become a new choice for mobile DOOH advertisement.

FIC Advertisement Display Car Window Display and Features

FIC Advertisement Display installs a small projector on the roof of the vehicle and uses double-sided projection to place the image on the windows on both sides, becoming a new type of mobile multimedia advertising billboard.

The projector light source technology adopts laser projection and is put in the back-projection structure, so the projector in operation cannot be seen outside the vehicle. Different from the LED screen advertisement in taxis and buses, the image is put out of the car. Everyone passing by the vehicle can see the advertising content, such as drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Passengers will also be exposed to these advertisements before boarding.


FIC Advertisement Display Shapes the Future of DOOH Advertising

Combining the projection image function outside the vehicle with the powerful DOOH function, the advertising playback mode can be set according to the time and region, which enables advertisers to select the advertising mode for the target audience and provide appropriate information. In addition, content updates can be completed automatically in a few seconds, eliminating the printing and installation costs of traditional billboards, and reducing management costs.


FIC Advertisement Display extends the exposure scene of advertising, making car advertising more flexible and more flexible and immediate than previous car advertising. In the future, combined with behavior detection and AI intelligent identification, advertisements can be delivered more accurately and become a new type of mobile new media.


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