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FIC provides Energy Management System Solutions

The demand for energy management has grown. From office buildings to public facilities, factories, hospitals and campuses, energy management systems (EMS) have been introduced to manage energy use, reduce energy consumption and save power costs.

Enterprises are conducting energy management, not only to save energy and reduce electricity expend, but also to integrate into the global green economy, to show the implementation of enterprise on ESG, and to synchronize with the government’s Net Zero Emissions policy in 2050.

In the future, “energy” will still be an indispensable part. In addition to finding clean energy – Green Energy is a global priority issue, “Energy Creation” must be accompanied by “Energy Conservation” and “Energy Storage”. Only the integration of “three energy” can implement a complete energy management policy.

About FIC EMS Solutions

The open software platform of Honeywell™ is used for the application of FICGREEN™ EMS to realize the integrated application management of different devices. The platform has the characteristics of compatibility, stability and expandability to manage and integrate big data. In addition, the data security can be fully achieved on the management platform.

How To Achieve Energy-saving Goals

The energy use information can be visualized through the unified platform system management. The next step is to carry out energy conservation management for data analysis, control of equipment with high power consumption, and finally import automatically control energy to cooperate with power load dispatching to implement power consumption strategy. The OpenADR (Open Automated Demand Response) cooperates with the Taiwan Power Company to implement the unloading strategy, or sets the unloading strategy by integrating cross system equipment according to the contracted capacity, all of which can achieve the goal of saving energy.

Developing green energy to protect ecology and environment

Serial Connection To National Grid

Following the government’s renewable energy policy, Taiwan Power Company will plan to connect the Distribution Level Renewable Energy Management System (DREAMS) with the solar power plant with installed capacity of more than 100kW. FIC has obtained the DNP 3.0 certification of the communication protocol formulated by the Taiwan Power Company. The cloud monitoring system provides stable data connection, truly controls the network transmission security, collects power generation information, and transmits it back to the DREAMS, so as to achieve real-time monitoring of the power quality of the renewable energy project site.

Energy Management System In The Buildings

Through the Power Conditioning System (PCS), the solar energy will be delivered to the systems in the building, such as the electromechanical device, air conditioning system, elevator system, lighting, etc., and the information will be transmitted to the EMS for data integration and analysis, which will be connected with the Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) to analyze the building electricity consumption. The EMS simultaneously carries out elevator energy monitoring, battery management, OpenADR demand management and solar power generation information, and achieves a platform to complete energy monitoring, data collection, statistical analysis, energy efficiency optimization and other services.

Multiple Factories Share Energy Use

FIC and Mitsubishi Electric have developed the Wide-Area EMS solution. With the opening of the power market and the popularization of the power transmission system, the power operation originally limited to a single factory has been expanded to multiple factories for overall power planning at the same time, while the Wide Area EMS realizes the power sharing solution. Considering the power demand, power generation cost and power purchase price of each factory, the best solution for power sharing operation between factories is planned, which can greatly improve the energy utilization and energy efficiency of the whole group, achieve energy conservation, carbon management, power exchange and maintenance management, and achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction and improve economic benefits.

FIC has been in the green energy industry since 2010, assisting in the integrated management of multi field renewable energy and providing remote platform monitoring for enterprises. In 2020, due to the release of the terms on the application of large electricity users, the public computer will simultaneously integrate and regulate the power system, increase the demand for power storage and power generation and other equipment and regulation for peak load saving and conditioning, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction and energy management. Today, following the grid connection demand, we help customers to seamlessly connect the renewable energy case site power generation information with Taiwan Power Company. It is expected to provide energy creation, energy conservation and energy storage strategies through the green energy solution of the public computer, so as to achieve the sustainable development of renewable energy application, green economy and environment.




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