FIC Global 3CEMS Group Enters Aviation Supply Chain

FIC Global Inc. (stock 3701.TW) affiliates company 3CEMS Group – Prime Technology Inc., as a world top ranking 30th EMS (electronic manufacturing service) enterprise across the major domain of electronic manufacturing business went through the final audit of AS9100D Certificate in the middle of June. This is the significant remark of acquisition of AS9100D Certification for Prime Technology Quality System. The achievement of AS9100D is the primary focus of 3CEMS Group’s annual goal and expands the company’s position as a leading EMS provider to the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. It also extends the long list of Prime’s quality certifications system, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 26262, ISO 13485 and TL 9000, etc.


AS9100 is the International Quality Management System Standard for manufacturing avionics in the Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry, created by the IAQG. AS9100 Rev D (2016) is the most recent version, which provides suppliers with requirements for creating and maintaining a comprehensive quality system on providing safe and reliable products to the Aviation, Space and Defense industries, as well as civil & military aviation requirements. Many major AS&D manufacturers require that their direct suppliers be AS certified and recommend that all of the AS&D supply chains be AS certified. As a General Manager of FICG and the vice chairman of 3CEMS group, Mr. Leo Chien quoted as saying “this is a very exciting step to see the group moving forward into aviation and space industry eventually, meaning that the products we produce and manufacture are in the air or in space, and one day might be utilized by NASA in some way. How cool is that!! This is my dream to reach the goal like this, space related.”

“We are proud to announce that we are entering a higher level of quality and process and achieve a very meaningful milestone in FIC Global, 3CEMS Group business development’s history,” said Ian Tang, the Vice President of 3CEMS Group Prime BU. “AS9100D has the rigor process discipline to demonstrate and ensure safe and reliable products to our customers. Certainly, the superior product quality management and the process discipline such as AS9100D will bring more predictable outcomes and more valuable performances to our customers.”

AS9100D Certification is the witness and milestone for FIC Global – 3CEMS Group with the continuous improvement in all fields of the company’s business. As an enterprise that made an important achievement in the field of automotive electronic, maritime electronics, telecommunication electronics and medical electronics, 3CEMS Group will never be complacent and always stay dedicated to practicing our value: We listen. We support all. We promise with commitment.