How To Improve The Operation Effect Of Commercial Fleet By Smart Fleet Management

The IoT Drives The Improvement Of Fleet Management Technology

Fleet management is used to monitor the performance and maintenance of the fleet, help enterprises understand the operational status in real time, improve efficiency of fleet management system and reduce fuel use through predictive analysis and accurate reporting.

The fleet management system provides a series of functional integration management for commercial vehicles (such as trucks, vans, buses, etc.), such as vehicle leasing and renting, maintenance, insurance, supply chain management, accident management, vehicle remote message processing (tracking and diagnosis), driver management, fuel management, route management, vehicle safety management, etc. Through the unified monitoring and management, the fleet scheduling, driver status, and related driving risks can be reduced, and the vehicle dispatching efficiency can be improved. The overall transportation and staff costs can also be reduced.

The IoT Drives The Improvement Of Fleet Management Technology

The smart fleet management system combines software, communication, AI analysis and platform applications to connect a wide range of decentralized and constantly moving vehicles and provide managers with real-time detailed information. The IoT can save management time and improve efficiency, so that enterprises can have insight into fleet activities, make adjustments dynamically, and make operational adjustments based on analysis reports after data transmission and collection to the unified information platform.

FIC provides the certified tablet for vehicle regulation management

Advantages Of Smart Fleet Management System

  • Preventive maintenance: enterprises understand vehicle maintenance through predictive analysis to prevent part failures in advance. The introduction of driving behavior monitoring system can prevent drivers from distracted driving or fatigue driving, and reduce the incidence of vehicle accidents.
  • User friendly management panel: A large amount of data is collected in the the platform of fleet management system during vehicle driving, and the driver can adjust the relevant display information through the display screen. At the same time, the communication function of the management panel needs to ensure that the vehicle can keep connected with the team manager at any time to achieve immediate notification and warning requirements.
  • Environmental sustainability and energy use: by monitoring driver performance and fuel utilization, when the vehicle is breaking the speed limit or idling for a long time, it may lead to rapid loss of vehicles, increase fuel costs, and have adverse effects on the environment. Enterprises using smart fleet management system can easily track driver behavior and obtain automatic alerts, which will help reduce harmful substance emissions. When it applies to electric vehicles, it can monitor battery usage and immediately arrange for fleet energy facility management.
  • Efficient process planning: when a vehicle accident occurs, the system will send an alarm in time and contact the maintenance station; If there is a weather alarm, the driver can be automatically notified to explain and rearrange the driving route according to the actual road conditions. By collecting information on existing routes, vehicle speeds and passenger vehicles, and through system analysis, display messages and alarms are generated to efficiently plan routes, trips, and arrange the interval time for fleet vehicles.
  • Save time and cost by automating processes: A large amount of data will be generated in the process of fleet management, and the unified management platform can help enterprises to automate various processes.


FIC Smart Fleet Management Solution

The smart fleet management system solution tailored to customer needs provides a management panel that has passed the vehicle planning verification, including truck fleet transportation management, bus dynamic route information provision, etc. Since 2016, the management panel has been installed in more than 80000 trucks and is actually used on the road.

Subsequently, the fleet management system, driving and monitoring system and cockpit information system were combined into a smart cockpit, which was connected to the truck management cloud platform in real time to achieve the same platform management, so as to realize the operation of all subsystems together and improve the work efficiency.




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