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2022 Smart City Expo (Mar.22-25) Booth No. P432

Welcome to Mitsubishi & FIC booths.

2020 CES Show Black Technology

No matter it is consumer, industrial or automotive front assembly or rear loading electronic products, those been the hot topics and the focus of the market. With the gradual progress of science and technology, Smart Transportation, Internet of vehicles (IOV), Internet of things will gradually become an indispensable tool in people’s life in the near future; […]

2020 CES Las Vegas Booth 2821

It’s always exciting and can’t wait to meet all friends during this period every year in Vegas. In 2020 CES, FIC will not only be introducing special design solutions but also bringing fabulous technology to optimize and upgrade your automotive electronic products, such as digital cluster, smart fleet for truck, AR HUD, Gateway ECU, BMS..etc.